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Ergonomic High Back Massage Gaming Chair with Pillow

Ergonomic High Back Massage Gaming Chair with Pillow

This massage gaming chair is the perfect partner for you whether you're working or playing games.

Overall Rating:
55 Reviews
Item No: 67950234

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Key Features
  • Massage Function to Relax the Body: This gaming massage chair with 4 massage spots, 2 on the back, and 2 on the lumbar, will help relax your body and calm your back and waist muscles. In addition, this massage chair features 8 massage modes as well as adjustable massage intensity, position, and time to suit your various needs.
  • Adjustable Backrest and Footrest: This gaming chair is equipped with an adjustable backrest and footrest. You can easily adjust the backrest angle from 90-140°.In addition, the ergonomic design fits well with the curvature of the human back.
  • High-Quality and Comfortable Material: On the one hand, covered in environmentally friendly PU leather, the office chair is not only skin-friendly and easy to clean, but also breathable and water-resistant. On the other hand, padded with a thicker, high-density sponge, it is highly resilient and more comfortable.
  • Humanized and User-friendly Design: The attached side pouch, measuring 7.5" x 7.5" helps you to store the controller and your handy stuff like a phone. And the built-in left armrest cup holder is more convenient for you to place your cups so that you don't have to stand up to get your water cups.
  • Stable and Sturdy Structure: Constructed with a round iron base, the gaming chair is stable and sturdy. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 264.5 lbs. Other than that, the seat will rotate 360˚ to allow you to freely change directions and talk with friends.

    This massage gaming chair is the perfect partner for you whether you're working or playing games.


    After a hard day's work or a fierce game, you must be exhausted, seeking a way to relax. No need to find a massage place, this gaming chair can totally satisfy your needs. With 4 massage points, this chair gives you extreme comfort and loosens up your muscles. You can also change its strength, positions, and time. Its ergonomic design is comfortable and makes the backrest fit the curvature of a man's back. Moreover, humanized designs like a cup holder and side pouch allow you to focus on your gaming without distractions. The tilt angle of the backrest can meet your different rest needs, allowing you to lie or sit freely. Plus the round base and swivel keep you away from losing balance when you adjust the chair. Since the PU leather used on the surface, you can clean it easier.


    If you are looking for a massage gaming chair like this, do not hesitate to buy it!


    • Massage function with 8 massage modes, adjustable massage strength, positions, and time
    • 4 massage spots, 2 on the back and 2 on the lumbar, helping you loosens up your muscles
    • Adjustable backrest and footrest, adjust independently, conforming to ergonomic
    • PU leather cover, not only skin-friendly, easy to clean, breathable, and water-resistant
    • Padded with a high-density thicker sponge, highly resilient and more comfortable
    • Stable iron base with large bearing capacity, and can swivel 360˚
    • Humanized design with side pouch, cup holder, and extra pillow
    • Color: Blue / Red / Black / Gray/ Pink
    • Main material: PU Leather + Foam +Iron
    • Overall dimension: 31.5" x 31.5" x 42" (L x W x H)
    • Extending dimension: 56" x 31.5" x 37.5" (L x W x H)
    • Size of backrest: 24" x 28" (W x H)
    • Size of seat: 22" x 19.5" (Depth x W)
    • Size of armrest: 21.5" x 5.5" (L x W)
    • Size of side pouch: 7.5" x 7.5" (L x W)
    • Seat height: 17.5"
    • Net weight: 50 lbs
    • Max weight capacity: 264.5 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Massage gaming chair
    • 1 x Manual controller
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


It didn’t come with lumbar support pillow :-(


This thing needs a foam pillow or something. I watch some youtube videos and they all seem to say It's comfy but hella misleading. It's hard like any gaming chair and the book messager isn't great its very light. It's super cute chair but yeah not for back ):


El artículo estuvo muy bien gracias


All in all this chair is great it’s comfortable to take naps in and perfect for gaming. I do have one suggestion for the manufacturer: I would make the bars for the leg rest longer. Mine is kind of short and the leg rest cushion keeps popping off. But other than that it is the perfect chair for gamers.


The only thing that I don’t like about the chair is that the seat cushion is thin. Other than that it’s a great chair.


Massage feature has no intensity on High and is only 5 inches off the ground.
There is no way I can sit at my desk my keyboard is at chest level and its supposed to be a gamin chair.


More comfy than previous chair. My mom works from home and this is way better.


I’ve had it for a while. Feels great, one of the arm rests stitching has started to come off and revealing some of the stuff underneath. But still comfortable. Hopefully an easy repair. Probably will need to let seller know but still worth the buy


It was easy to put together and it's my husband's favorite gaming chair, plus it is comfortable to sit in


Needed a office/gaming chair because my back was killing me. Bought this one after extensive research. It came in 3 days in a beat up box - but was amazingly unharmed. The fabric on the sides rip easily during assembly when aligning the chassis bolt and back - so hand stretch the fabric over the bolt in preparation for putting the hex bolt in place. You may need a buddy to hold and align certain parts during assembly. Once together, the chair is stable and comfortable. It was a bit low in height for me (5'7") given where my monitor is at my work station and I made a $25 after market adjustment.
Note: I upgraded the base holder tube from the base support bar that comes with the kit because it sat me too low for my monitor level. I replaced it with an amazon 1,000 lb capacity piece with a 2" diameter that fit perfectly and elevated myself the extra 3" I needed for a proper eye level alignment with my monitor. This required some some effort, but it is highly recommended if you are over 5'5" tall. If you raise it too high you will have a chair suitable for a person 6' 2" + tall. You do lose some stability when extending the chair that high.


The massage is just a vibration, not as good as I hoped. The seat doesn't have the ability to change heights so you are stuck with a lower than average chair. My arms feel raised in order to reach my desk. There is no to sit upright in the chair with support, you either fall into the back of the chair (Which is perfect for console players so use controller) but if you are trying to focus and be close to your keyboard it isn't conducive. Also, the leg rest will scrap the ground when you rotate, so that will experience the most wear. Overall I am very disappoint in this chair for its price. Hey it's comfortable if you are just watching shows though.


Very hard to build. You have to line up screws in their exact position while trying to hold several pieces of metal that are fighting you. Overall the chair does what it says it does. Probably should have more padding. Great for kids 15 years of age or lower.


Great chair for long sessions in the recording studio. The accompanying assembly tools could be better. Need a set of good spanners and driver to assemble. Took me 1hr tops and instructions are clear and simple.


Great quality and exactly as described. Love the vibrant message feature and recline mode is super comfortable.


This chair is too low for my 5'11" frame. The height is not a adjustable. Had I known this, I would not have bought it.


I really like this chair it's very comfortable


Love the way it looks, that it has a massage option and places to put your cup, overall very happy with this purchase.


Customer service is wonderful, very responsive within hrs of emailing. Also was supposed to take two weeks to arrive and only took three days! There was a huge hole in the box which we blame fedex for, not the company. However the hole caused a few screws to go missing. Luckily we had the same size screws to replace w. Chair is def smaller than expected and we had to remove the neck pillow to make it more comfortable Bc it’s hard as a rock. Comfortable as long as you’re under 5’9” which we both are. Slightly aggravating to put together but massage feature works really well


This chair for easy to assemble and is very comfortable. I got this as a Christmas present and I truly enjoy it. Come home for a long day at work to get a massage and enjoy some games with my friends.


you MUST buy it you won’t regret it!!


I am very happy with this purchase. Assembly was fairly easy, but I did need another person to hold the chair backing while I put bolts in. At the hardest setting its more like a light vibration but I still find it soothing.


There is what looks exactly like a hydraulic piston but there is no way to raise or lower the chair. The height when assembled is the final height. Even still; my other half loved it as a gift replacing one of those $120 walmart chairs.


I like the chair but it needs to 4 to 6 inches higher to be a good Gaming Chair


This chair is awesome. This chair was advertised that it would take 10 days to arrive and it actually took 3 days, so thank you for the fast shipment. This chair is cushioned and very comfortable and it was well packed with not a single scratch and it did came with instructions inside. The massages options are amazing and definitely this chair worth the investment, I definitely recommend it!


It’s very comfortable to sit in, perfect size for me to sit in at 5’9” fantastic. Gaming chair my only complaint is pretty much everything I put in the cup holder would fall when I moved, it’s not a deep cup holder at all. I bought a cup holder extended for cars with a extendable base and it works great.


As a developer I spent so many hours at my desk in my chair in front of my 6 monitors. There are plenty of days I spend over 12 hours in my chair. My last roller chair broke and I decided to up my chair game since I was already looking to spend around $100 on a decent chair to hold my 270 lb rear end.


Great product




Very nice chair. I use it for a day nap and also a game chair. Helps a lot.


A little short but reclines deep, massages well, and made of very soft material. Didn’t take me five minutes to put together. Thought it was a little pricey when I bought it, realized it was worth every penny when it arrived. Spins effortlessly in circles too, so it’s fun to goof off in. When I’m not using it at my desk, my fiancé drags it to his office to sit in because it’s so much more comfy than his own chair. Not heavy, or hard to move around either. Tilt it on its side, and you can roll it through the home like it’s on a wheel. Fiancé is planning on buying one for himself, and so are a few guests who got to sit in it during their visits to my home. 10/10 would purchase again and again and again.


Chair looks great and feels great to sit it in! Only con is it does not include a seat pump to change the height of the chair. Hopefully you have a low desk because this one is not tall


Good chair, just need height adjustment and longer/ higher leg support


Fits perfectly in my spa room as a message spa chair with my blue foot pedicure spa tub.


Great company to work with thank you so much. I would deal with them again in a heartbeat!!


I purchased this chair for my husband and we both love it. I also use it when he at work lol. kick back and watch me some tv. This is a must buy. the only con I would say is I feel like a lot of this stuff we purchase online be over priced.


It is comfortable but is really for a big adult not for a preteen. We still love it though.


I am very satisfied with this purchase of gaming chair. I ordered a pink one for my lady and a blue one for my self. We enjoy them very much and my lady loves the vibrations and how many settings there are for it. I enjoy it while I play my pc games. I'd recommend to anyone if you want a very comfortable chair at a good price buy this chair and they have different colors. I'd buy again. 10 stars if I could but since I can't I'll leave 5 Stars.


This chair is amazing!!! The messager brings more relaxation to the gamers body so they are not so tensed up, the neck pillow is perfect for posture as well. Totally worth every dime!!!


Massage is great!


He loves it


Fairly easy to put together, sturdy, was purchased as a gift and now I have to purchase another one for someone else since it was liked so much.


So I originally got the chair for my boyfriend which then very quickly became my chair and then quickly became the dog’s chair! We all love it we fight over it so it looks like we may need another one! I love the reclining and the foot rest especially.


The assembly of the chair really requires two people, and things don't always line up perfectly, but with a little patience and a second set of hands, assembly goes pretty quickly. Aesthetically, the chair is gorgeous. The padding is firm and supportive, you won't sink into this. The neck support is probably my only gripe. I'm 5'8", my wife is 5'3" and the neck roll sits too low for both of us. My two youngest kids who are 4'2" and 4'6" the neck roll is perfect. It doesn't lay perfectly flat, but that's expected because it's a gaming chair and you can't play video games flat on your back. The controls for reclining and leg extension are very simple.
All three of my kids are constantly fighting for who gets to sit in the chair. I mean that honestly, they will yell and scream at each other to get "a turn" sitting in the chair. That's why you buy something like this right, so it will get used. My kids absolutely love this chair. Massage setting #7 is the one they like the most, that's both motors on full speed. Even the dog approves...


This chair was primarily for my husband, but now everyone wants to sit in it. It’s very sleek and modern. It fits in with the rest of my black leather furniture. The seat is deep and comfortable. And the massage feature is magnificent. I have to admit I was a little scared because some massage chairs really beat you up. You can adjust the settings. There aren’t any hard pivots driving into your back, this one is a gentle vibrating massage and I really appreciate that. The material doesn’t feel cheap at all. It was reasonably quick to put together. The cup and remote holder is a feature that my husband loves. He can sit in this chair for hours Overall, I would recommend and considering getting another one!


Love the chair, very comfortable, looks cool, love the extra bells and whistles. Well made. Only downside was had a hard time putting together. ( the arms were mislabeled and was hard to line up the screws ) but we got it together and it was worth it.


There are the pouch and the cup holder on the side for my convenience. I don’t need to get something out of the gaming recliner any more !


The gaming recliner with 4 massage spots and 8 massage modes can meet all my needs to relax. I am extremely pleased with this chair and I highly recommend it!


I must say that this material is amazing. I LOVE THE BLACK Grey coloring. It was very easy to put together and it’s so comfy. My toddler insists she needs to sit on it all the time. The cats love it. It’s everyone’s fav chair. The massager is really just vibration. I wouldn’t consider it a kneading massage. But comfort for price is top notch.


Better quality than we expected and looks fantastic. Absolutely love it!


Great product. Got for my son who has arthritis it really helps his back during gaming.


This is a nice chair,and I think this is the best of all the gaming chairs I bought. In addition, the customer service is also very good, they will quickly respond to me and offer a agreeable resolution when I have a problem.


Just as described, the chair is comfortable and very sturdy. The instruction was very clear and the assembly was no problem. I can easily complete the assembly myself. Great buy.


Well worth buying. Before buying it, I read the review and worried that what I received would be a defective product. But when it arrived, I was very surprised. It was so beautiful and comfortable. If necessary, I would buy it again.


They could add better foam for sitting because if you sit a long time you start feeling the tubes of the frame


Bought it for my 20 year old son. He love it! Quality material and also very comfortable. Assembly was not a problem.