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  • Electric Wireless Spin Spray Mop Sweeper
  • Electric Wireless Spin Spray Mop Sweeper
  • Electric Wireless Spin Spray Mop Sweeper
  • Electric Wireless Spin Spray Mop Sweeper
  • Electric Wireless Spin Spray Mop Sweeper
  • Electric Wireless Spin Spray Mop Sweeper
  • Electric Wireless Spin Spray Mop Sweeper
  • Electric Wireless Spin Spray Mop Sweeper
  • Electric Wireless Spin Spray Mop Sweeper
  • Electric Wireless Spin Spray Mop Sweeper
  • Electric Wireless Spin Spray Mop Sweeper

Electric Wireless Spin Spray Mop Sweeper

If you are tired of having to use a bunch of expensive cleaning tools for keeping your house clean. Different floor surfaces demand different cleaning products.
Overall Rating:
51 Reviews
Item No: 78134906
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Key Features
  • All-in-one Multifunctional Design: You don't need to waste money anymore by buying different tools for keeping your floor surface clean. This all-in-one electric mop features wet wiping, dry wiping, waxing and decontaminating. With a 440ml water tank, the spray nozzle can spread the water evenly on the ground surface. In addition, equipped with a two-spin head, the dust is being contained in the middle of the mop, leaving no stains or marks on the floor. 
  • Mighty Cleaning Capacity: Supported by the powerful spin system, this spray mop rotates inwardly with spins up to 250r/min, removing the stubborn stains easily and quickly, while providing more thorough cleaning for the whole room. Designed with the latest LED lights and 2.5" thin head, the mop is suitable for different housing structures. With the light brightening the path around each corner, it ensures no corner is left unclean. Moreover, it can continually work for 30-40min, after only 1.5-2 hours of fast charging.
  • Easy Operation Even for Kids and Elders: There are only two buttons to use. One is pressed to spray the water and the other one to turn it on/off. You don't have to kneel or bend down to spray water anymore. It's easy to use even for kids and elderly people, as well as for people suffering from backache. One-hand control and two buttons interface make this household item extremely operational, making it a perfect gift for people in your life. 
  • Adjustable Height and Angle: Adjustable height from 36" to 48" and adjustable angle from 0° to 90°make this mop even more convenient to use. No more back pain. The 90-degree rotating mop rod makes cleaning much easier, time-saving and labor-efficient. Ergonomic aluminum alloy handle is very comfortable to use. This mop guarantees no crack left uncleaned.
  • Lightweight for One Hand Control: Say goodbye to the old fashion traditional way of mopping the floor. No more bending or kneeling on the floor. The lightweight design allows you to mop around the house with a single hand and moving the mop around the house an easy task to do. This cordless electric spin mop is unrestricted by distance and the compact size is easy to store in any corner of your house.

    If you are tired of having to use a bunch of expensive cleaning tools for keeping your house clean. Different floor surfaces demand different cleaning products.


    You use them all, and are still not satisfied with the result. Buying our Costway Electric Spray Mop is the solution you have been waiting for. As the newest power cleaning tool, this cordless electric spin mop is unrestricted by distance. Thiselectric mop with a 440ml water tank not only wipes and cleans the floor, but also waxes it. All-in-one multifunctional design allows you to save money, time and energy. In addition, the adjustable height and angle settings make this mop fit for anyone to use, including kids and elders. And with the latest LED lights and a thin body, there will be no corner left uncleaned. You can use it continuously for 30-40min with only a 1.5-2hours fast charging before.


    With these specifications, this mop is the perfect cleaning tool for you and it also can be a perfect gift. Don't hesitate and order one now!


    • Cordless and rechargeable 360°rotating mop helps you to clean the whole house conveniently
    • 360-degree dual spinning heads offer a fast and spotless cleaning effect
    • It can be used for cleaning and polishing different types of surfaces, such as wood floors, stone floors, ceramic tiles, etc.
    • It comes with reusable cleaning and waxing pads which can be changed quickly and easily
    • Perfect for effective cleaning, quick waxing, polishing, and other cleaning needs
    • Adjustable height and angle make it a perfect fit for different heights
    • Built-in 440ml water tank for even ground coverage and wet cleaning
    • The LED light can light up any path secluded in a dark corner or under your bad
    • Durable engineering ABS services for long service life
    • Types of the liquid can be added: water, disinfectant, vinegar, waxing oil, etc.
    • Color: White
    • Material: ABS 
    • Mop head dimensions: 12.5" x 12.5" x 3.5" (L x W x H) 
    • Adjustable height of telescopic pole: 36"~ 48"
    • Rotary speed: 250r/min
    • Water tank capacity: 440 ml
    • Power: 60W
    • Input: 18 V 0.8 A
    • Battery type: Li-ion Battery
    • Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
    • Net weight: 7 lbs
    • Package includes: 
    • 1 x Electric mop
    • 2 x Round cleaning rag
    • 2 x Round waxing rag
    • 1 x Square rag
    • 4 x Disposable round rag
    • 2 x Disposable square rag
    • 1 x Adaptor
    • 1 x Instruction
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


The instructions for putting it together were not very complete BUT I ultimately figured it out and now I love it! So glad to have it and it makes a big difference in my daily life.


Arrived on time. Can’t wait to use. It was recommended by a friend and they gave very good


Great and fast mopping! Never go back to old school mop!!


.I have had this mop since May of last year and it works great! I have both tile and laminate wood flooring. I fill up the mop with hot water and floor cleaner, attach the clean pads (washable and replaceable, turn it on, and it practically glides over the floor! The floor needs to be prepped first by sweeping/vacuuming. Also, if there is something stuck on to the floor, as with any mop without a scrubber, it would need to be scraped off (I use a mini razor with a plastic blade like this one After cleaning, the mop needs to be charged (I can clean my entire house in one charge - 3000 sq ft). I like that the cleaning solution does not have to be continuously refilled. I'd say that it can clean about 1250 sq ft without having to refill. I do not have any pets inside my home, and we don't wear shoes inside the house, so the floor is easy to maintain. I'd recommend this mop for homes that are easy to maintain like mine. Your floor will shine!


Does a great job cleaning hardwood floors and tile


This is the new and improved mop where it beats the old mop in every way. It’s strong and spins making your job easier. It gets out tough dried up sauces on the ground and oils. It comes with different cleaning cloths on the bottom for every purpose you need or want. You can adjust the height and angle for your own liking to avoid being sore in the back. Cleans very well.


I love that it is cordless so it doesn't make me as lazy to clean the floors. Just pick it up and get cleaning. It is lightweight in that the spinning action helps drags itself forward so someone like me with a back problem can mop the entire house without pain.


This mop is similar to those light weight wipers that you need to replace the paper on the bottom with but better. It’s electric and does a lot of the work for you physically as it spins and loosens then absorbs any of the grime on the ground. The mop moves fast and cleans super well on hard wood. I was worried it’d sound sloppy and loud but it’s surprisingly very quiet. The battery life lasts pretty long and I never had an issue where the battery was low in the middle of my mopping session.


I have the wood floor in my place and sometimes the vacuum cleaner con not remove the dust and the hair on the floor completely. I searched online and I found this cordless electric spin mop might be a great help for me to clean the house. This cordless electric spin mop comes with LED light and it has adjustable telescopic rod height and angle. This cordless electric spin mop is rechargeable as well. I like this powerful cleaner.


At first, the sprayer wouldn't work. In the instructions it stated to keep pushing the button to get all of the air out of the line. Still didn't work. I was contemplating starting a return, but pushed the button one more time and it sprayed! The mopping and waxing pads are nice quality and the battery for the motor seems to spin strong and last more than enough times for a couple moppings. Very pleased so far, can't speak for longevity and have nothing to compare it to but was great for the kitchen/dining area.


Throughout my house I have both hardwood and tile flooring. This is by far my favorite floor cleaning machine and I've had several, especially for ease of use, and for quality cleaning. My floors have never looked or felt cleaner, it gets right up to the baseboards and around every leg of furniture. Thank you!


Purchased for my mother. easy to use & power lasts long. Just unclear about what or how to let out unused water. Otherwise she loves it!!


great for senior's


I am in LOVE! So easy to work it is like a dream come true!! Mopping time cut in 1/2!


I love it!


Mop on wood floor


Works great on my hard wood, tile and sealed cement floor.


It works as advertised. I have only used water so far and if I use some kind of soap, it may even clean better.So far, so good.


The mop is wonderful but Costway's customer service is non-existent. The cleaning pads will only last so long and a review from the company said you could buy replacement pads. They don't publish a phone number - you can only contact them via e-mail and they won't respond. I found another manufacturer that sells the 6.5" replacement pads without the help of Costway so I resolved the one issue I had with the mop. Hopefully I never need Costway's help because it is not available.


I love this. Its so easy to use. I just keep a spray bottle of water and vinegar in the kitchen and a quick spray on the pads and 1 minute to touch up the floor. Its held the charge for months.


Great Product.. !! It is lightweight, easy to use, and very quiet. It does a fantastic job cleaning. I tried the SpinWave and love it!


Love this mop! Not great for a giant area would take forever but great for a regular size kitchen.


Amazing works great for the last three months


Inconvenient to empty the water when finished with the cleaning. Too easy to turn off my mistake. My hand kept slipping down the handle and hitting the off button or spray button. Directions on what to use the different pads for lacking. The machine did a good job on cleaning


Very satisfied


Great on floors! Easy to use. Battery lasts a long time!


I love the way it cleans. Light weight and easy to use.


I have tried a lot of electric spin mops and this is my favorite.


Been using it for a month, doesn't come with cleaning product. Kids mop floor w/o being asked..THANKS COSTWAY! So far so good I'll update if necessary.


Very lightweight and easy to use. The pad is easy to change and easy to add water.


This mop is fantastic!


Love this mop. Does a great job cleaning and it is quick and easy to use. I use this for everyday messes and I use a steam mop for a more deep clean. I bought this for when I don't want to pull out the steam mop.vit is better than I thought it would be.


This mop is exactly what I hoped it would be. It is very easy and light to manipulate and cleans normal dirt on one pass. Heavy mess takes a bit more.


Love it


light weight and easy to used and easy to assemble


I have used it every day, and I would buy it again, with no hesitation at all! Very quiet, and all the accessories are great!


Very quiet makes it easy to clean floor


So glad I purchased this mop, Very lightweight and durable. My floors are now effortlessly sparkling clean! I have tried many of these types of products and this is the best of them that I have found.


This is a great electric mop. I previously had the Shark Sonic Duo and I prefer this one. It is very quite and glides so easily. And it cleans very well. The only complaint I have is regarding the lack of a better way to empty it if needed and the opening to add water, cleaner, etc. It would be better if the opening was a little bit bigger or raised more. But still a great electric mop.


I really love it.


Finally used today and cleaned our entire shower. Love this adjustable handle. No more kneeling or bending over the bath tub!


Very easy to put together and charge. Extremely easy to use!Works great on my hardwood floors and tile.


I do not think that it is for heavy duty cleaning, however, it will work great for bedrooms.


Firstly, very quick, minimal, assembly and fairly quick charging. Just used for the first time After I had just hand mopped the floors and this mop picked up even more. It does kind of self propel unless you get too much water and bog down the cleaning pads, but with my wood laminate flooring I don't want to use too much water/cleaner any way. Took about 15 minutes to do what use to take me 40-50 minutes. So far I absolutely LOVE it and wished I had discovered this years ago. Like I said it's still brand new but I'm hoping will still love it in 6 months. I'm buying a second one for my mom who has back pain and trouble pushing a mop around and refuses to let anyone help her! Would definitely recommenced this product.


This Spinmop is very light weight and I even don't feel anything while I hold it. But the tile floor of my kitchen is getting so clean and whiter after using this only one time! Especially this cordless will give you so much freedom wherever you go with it in your house.


Very nice mop perfect give for my mom she is very happy when she got it. Wireless is very good to use itlet my mom don't bother about the wire. When use this mop you don't have to use to much strength. Only fill one time of water you can mop the whole house. Very satisfy.


This electric mop spin mop is really nice it sprays water while mopping it and cleans up lots of messes too I love how it’s so easy to move around with and the fact that I think it’s super cute as well


I love this spin mop. It arrived well packaged. It’s very easy to use. There are only two buttons, one press to spray water and the other one to turns on/off. I also love that it's wireless so I'm not dragging around a long cord and tripping over myself. I'm using it twice a week. It is actually a pleasure using it. It's quiet and lightweight and is perfect for keeping the floors looking great.


My mother has arthritis, and could not move the mop by herself. I bought this one mop for my mother since it circulates the mop pad itself, in this way, she doesn't need to press the mop intensively to clean the floor. It works great to help clean the floor without using a lot of energy. Another good feature I like it is the wireless. Mom can use it anywhere without holding the wire by herself.


My house is all hardwood floor, and my kid likes to play on the floor. It was so stressed to keep the floors clean every day. This cordless electric spray mop really helps me a lot for cleaning the stain. It’s spin motion mop cleans and polishes my floors without leaving any streaks. It is easy to assemble and operate, and I love that the pads can be washed after each use.


 This is really nice to use and super simple to control I liked this a lot and it’s super convenient too I definitely recommend this