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  • Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers
  • Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers
  • Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers
  • Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers
  • Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers
  • Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers
  • Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers
  • Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers
  • Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers
  • Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers
  • Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers
Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers

Dual 10 Inch 1600W Powered Mic Speaker Speakers

This is the sonart all-in-one speaker set which will provide you professional speaker system and thrilling sound quality. 

Overall Rating:
31 Reviews
Item No: 92830176
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Key Features
  • ● Provide You Professional PA Set: The speaker system is composed of an active speaker, a passive speaker, a wired microphone, a wireless remote control and a 16ft length speaker cable. Fine tune the system with the precise bass and treble equalizer to ensure the best sound quality output. 3-way active acoustic ports perfectly tune the system for optimal bass reproduction.
  • ● Make Your Music Come Alive: Built for more than your viewing pleasure, this speaker pursues high quality sound for all the music that fills your life. 200 Watts Power and three 6.5'' woofers show great-sound audio, which provides you a feast for the ear. And you can connect your iPad, or other devices such as USB/SD card to play music. The entertainment possibilities are endless with this speaker system.
  • ● All-in-one Speaker System: This loudspeaker features USB input, SD card input, FM Radio, RCA input, mic input, allowing you to enjoy the versatility of this unit. The active speaker has a built-in amplifier which magnifies the audio signal. Its wide frequency response(from 60-18KHz) makes it suitable for amplifying any type of audio. And the built-in EQ allows you control the bass and tremble level to meet your own preference for music.
  • ● Digital Music & Convenient Operation: The built-in USB/SD digital reader is designed exclusively for digital music playback. The LCD display will keep track of your music while the function buttons will give you total control of what to play. And the wireless remote control allows you to switch the mode when you are far away. It's easy for you to use this speaker and play your favorite music.
  • ● Easy Mobility and Easy Set-up: Clever enclosure design incorporates rear handle that allows for easy speaker portability. Complete DJ party speaker system set ready to set-up right out of the box. You can either set this speaker at ground or set with stand. There are two tripod stands featuring adjustable height form 4.5ft to 5.5ft to make sure excellent sound more spread.

    This is the sonart all-in-one speaker set which will provide you professional speaker system and thrilling sound quality. 


    Whether you are an audio novice or professional DJ, you are impressed with this PA system. The sound of the speaker can be heard by up to 200 people present, so you don't need to worry about the sound spread area will be too short. It's suitable in bars, auditoriums, schools, churches, karaoke, and more. And with power of 150 Watt RMS and 1600 Watt PMPO, it definitely will make the atmosphere more high and fiery! The whole set is composed by an active speaker, a passive speaker, a wired microphone, a wireless remote control, tripod stands and speaker cable. And with the USB/SD card input, you also can play your stored music in your phone, laptop, USB and so on. the sonart speaker system lets you enjoy all your entertainment even more, every day.


    This is the sonart all-in-one speaker set. Don't hesitate to buy it. 


    • Ergonomically shaped side handle for easy carrying and setup
    • Two black heavy-duty telescoping stands with adjustable height from 3.5ft to 4.5ft
    • Easy switch voltage of 110V and 220V so that can be used in most countries
    • Loud enough to be heard by up to 200 people present
    • Built-in equalizer allows you choose your music preference tune
    • High-power 1600 Watts 2-way PA sound speaker system for live and playback applications
    • Sturdy and durable construction for long use time due to made of steel and PP
    • Suitable for many occasions such as parties, weddings, speeches, social gatherings and so on
    • Including speaker system, remote control, mic, cables and tripod stands
    • Color: As the picture shown
    • System: Active 2-way full range
    • Woofer: 10"
    • Tweeter: 1"
    • Power max: 1600 W
    • Power rms: 150 W
    • Frequency range: 65 Hz - 18 Khz
    • Mic input level: <5 mv
    • Line input/ output level: 250 mv
    • Connector: XLR/6.35 mm/RCA
    • Sensitivity: 98 db
    • Impedance: 8 ohm
    • Voltage: 110 V/220 V
    • Adjustable height with stands: 3.5 ft to 4.5 ft
    • Tripod stand weight capacity: 66 lbs
    • Speaker dimensions: 12" x 10.5" x 16.5" (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: 41 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Speaker system
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


If you're into rap, r&b, and rock, these are not the speakers for you ! The bass is minimal. This set is just not the speakers your looking for to use at a function or to party with, I promise you !!! These are not very loud and lack bass as i mentioned. So, unless your into classical or elevator music keep looking ! Don't get me wrong the speakers are decent, just not for playing music/party's. These speakers ended up as surround sound for one of my tvs, which i believe it is better suited for. Hope this helps!


Quality product for the money! Works exactly as advertised. Was able to plug into soundboard for mixing, everyone loved the sound!


These are great speakers for backyard parties. Only issue is the microphone cuts out due to a faulty cord, but not worth sending back for that.




I am amazed with these speakers. They beat my 1000w Polk system which cost a lot more, the sound is amazing. The 12" - 1600w are better than the 15" 1500w made by the same company.


The mic and cord to the mic don't give the best sound. Needing to buy additional mic. No instructions to understand the system either.


Well I liked that I could hook it up but I'll have to get a second piece to hook up the other output for the second speaker but the bass is good can be very loud also the picture is what you need to hook it up to your controller


I like sound price I am youse it for karoke


I purchased these for my "barn movies" (150" screen and a projector) in the summer and fall. These speakers accept Bluetooth, but I found that there was a tiny delay, and that is pretty aggravating when your projector speaker is a fraction of a second before your main speakers. A 30' RCA cable took care of that. These do have to be plugged in to work (no battery), but if you can work with that limit, the speakers are quite good. They have a 15' cord to connect them as a pair, and a microphone to work as a PA system. You could spend a lot more and be no happier that I have been with these.


Excellent sound


About it for more than just music about it about it to play my keyboard through also that purpose I need better speakers


Speakers are like most have reviewed, sound great, plenty of power, nice & solid build & easy to transport. The 1/4" cable it comes with to connect the speakers is about 15-16 ft I think.. I bought a 50ft TRS cable for mine & it works great. The mic does a pretty good job for a no name. Sounds really good. It does pick up almost like a shotgun mic in a way. It doesn't have the distance as a shotgun, but it doesn't pick your voice to the side. I had it about 12 inches in front & when I went a few inches to the side, you couldn't hear my voice. Everything else in the box is well... I probably won't use. The stands are definitely short & not the greatest. The locking knobs are plastic & overall they just seem cheap. I will keep them for extras since I bought a pair of Pyles, those are great stands for $59. Then the manual for this system is really worthless. It's 5 pages & literally 2 of them are blank. I cant get the Bluetooth to pair up or even show up on my devices & it says nothing about it in the manual. I don't plan on using it, but wanted to try it & link it in case I had to use it. The remote is pretty cheap. I don't plan on using it either. Good thing because it flexes when I push the buttons. Overall I would definitely recommend these speakers! I just wouldn't rely on the other stuff as my main equipment.


Really good quality speakers super loud really easy to work especially on the Bluetooth said makes it very convenient


Used it for my daughter’s wedding. Sound was great and easy to use. Since then the kids have had fun using it for karaoke


great buy


Sometimes before a rain storm when there's to much electricity in the atmosphere, they will make excessive noise. Other than that their quality of sound is very good.


Exactly as advertised,


Seems like good product. Nice clean sound. Wish they had a little more bass. Very lightweight and portable. Needs more instruction on setting up and using inputs and outputs for beginners.


Purchased these speakers in a hall. Worked perfectly. Everyone loved them.


You get what you pay for, it's good value for the price and all the functions, everything works well but nothing great.


Very good sounds unimpressed considering that it is a 8in woofer


Really good speakers for the price.


Very great with the price and as expected, thank


Son likes it


It is well-built with a nice design and with 1800 watts, it is really really loud. I don't know what anyone is complaint about. For the price this set is a steal.


My parents bought me this for my wedding . I like the sound quality. Sound could be heard over all the noise in the room.They did come with amazing tall stands and have a great height. What I like most about this product is that it’s easy to transport.


Sound good. I like them.




Awesome... You don't need to pay a fortune for a D. J. when you have this.


Great customer service, speakers are great there is a little hum when Bluetooth is connected and nothing playing but it’s not bad. Great speakers for the price.