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Portable 7.7 lbs Automatic Laundry Washing Machine with Drain Pump

23 Reviews
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Key Features

● Fully Automatic and Energy-efficient Design: The washing machine designed with a fully automatic program, you can easily set the washing/spinning program and water levels according to your demand, which saves water and electricity.
● Multiple Program and Easy to Operate: With a computer control panel, it allows you to set your own cycle. 6 programs, 3 water level selections are listed on the control panel clearly. You can choose the different modes and water levels to meet your demand for different clothes. The LED display will show you the washing time and trouble warning.
● Compact and Large Load Capacity: This washing machine with the honeycomb-shaped inner tub can load 8 lbs laundry at one time which is big enough for several items at once and even for larger garments like pairs of jeans or bed sheets, meanwhile compact appearance allowed you easily move the washing machine in your home or department.
● Humanization Design: This machine features a built-in drain aluminum pump, an intake hose and a drainage tube which allows you to easily add water or drain out dirty water. With the computer control, you can change the washing mode or water level during washing or pause the washer to let the clothes soak for as much time you want, It will do exactly what you want, the way you want.
Relief Your Hands: This product has straight forward illustrations and descriptions. There is no installation need and easy to operate. It won't take you much time and could take convenient for you. Once you set the washing machine program, just leave it alone to work and do your own staff.

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Materialstainless steel inner tub + PP plastic
Metal motorAluminum
Rated voltage / frequency110 V, 60 Hz
Rated wash / spin capacity8 lbs
Inlet pressure0.03 MPa - 0.85 Mpa
Rated wash input power240 W
Rated spin input power210 W
Dimensions16.9" x 16.9" x 29.5" (L x W x H)
Product weight37.4 lbs
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Portable 7.7 lbs Automatic Laundry Washing Machine with Drain Pump Portable 7.7 lbs Automatic Laundry Washing Machine with Drain Pump Portable 7.7 lbs Automatic Laundry Washing Machine with Drain Pump Portable 7.7 lbs Automatic Laundry Washing Machine with Drain Pump Portable 7.7 lbs Automatic Laundry Washing Machine with Drain Pump


  • -High quality and brand new
  • -Mini portable washing machine, suitable for small space
  • -Max. weight capacity reach 7.7 lbs, meeting your washing laundry need
  • -Full automatic washing machine, you only need to select a wash program
  • -With 3 water level: L: 16 L, M: 23 L, H: 30 L
  • -5 programs to choose: Wash-rinse-spin, soak-wash-rinse -spin, wash, wash-rinse, rinse-spin, spin
  • -Save water and electricity
  • -DOE/CEC energy efficiency certification


23 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

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    I spent years looking at apt size washer/ spinners, never aware of this lovely tiny washing machine that washers, rinses and spins you items like regular size machines. With the membership to Costway it was so affordable! Cheaper than those lesser machines. I have it on an adjustable dolly and roll it into the bathroom. They send the connectors to the sink and the drain hose runs into my tub. No mess, no problems, just clean clothes. 7.7lbs of clothes. a set of queen sheets and pillow cases was my 1st load. I love this machine!!! Try it, you will love it too!!

  • J

    Two thumbs up


    Bought this to have an extra washer in the house. My kids and I run the laundry too often in the week, so an extra machine helps so our laundry doesn't pile up. It's reliable and does a very clean job. Very glad! Convenient too, since I just hook it up to my sink.

  • D

    good customer care


    when I had a problem with the machine not working I let them know and they sent me a new one and I didn't have to return the machine that didn't work. NICE JOB COSTWAY!

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    Better prices,mor options

  • N



    There were some dust stains on body of washer, but i gave it a try. I used it with washer/dryer cold water hose/hookups and needed 3/4 female to female connector. Follow the usage guide for laundry load and it will wash perfectly, without need to rinse by hands.


  • Q:
    Is it standard that the full wash-rinse-spin cycle uses two rinse water refills or is it because i'm using too much detergent?
    Please forward your question or concern as well as the order number to our customer support at [email protected]. After order confirmation, our customer support are standing by and ready to help you resolve any issues you may have.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Quel est le diamètre de l'adaptateur mâle de l'entrée d'eau ?
    The length of the inlet hose is 43.3''.The size of the thread connecting the washing machine port is 3/4" Female Thread (diameter 26mm).The size of the connection faucet port:Female 55/64"-27 thread (diameter 22mm) male 15/16"-27thread (diameter 24mm).
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Is there a way to silence the beeping of the machine?
    The cooling impeller is scratched, and the screw at the arrow position is loose. Move the pulley up a little, and then tighten the screw. Here is the referenced link of the picture: http://resource.gopluscorp.com/api/faq/picture/202301%2f66e59d05ba24419b8c439b17c72f31c7.png
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    I cant get the hose to screw onto my faucet. What can i do to get it to fix? Im guessing I'll need to buy an adapter to make it work?
  • Q:
    Does all 4 corners with black corner rubber?
    One corner is different from other 3 corners It has no black rubber.And this corner can adjust the height.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Why can not use hot water in the machine, which part will it affect?
    High temperature water will affect the sealing of the spin tub and increase the possibility of water leakage, and may damage the fabric structure of the clothes, causing deformation or fading..
    Costway representative
    And what is the max water temperature allowed? Is it a cold water only washer?
  • Q:
    Why is the pump continually air-bound or air- locked after a wash?  I get an "E1" code when the machine is not pumping out water.
    Maybe it's because you pull the drain pump too high that the drain pump doesn't work properly. You can try to lower the drain when pumping water..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What's the meaning if it shows E1 error?
    The E1 error means the drain pipe is too high or blocked.Could you please put the drain pipe down completely to have a try and check if it is blocked?
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    When the washer is at 9 minutes it starts to display E3. I put the washer inside the return box so it wouldn't get further damage.
    The error code E3 appears, which means that the clothes in the dehydrator are not laid flat. It may be that there are too many clothes put in.  It is also possible that the clothes are not evenly placed when they are dehydrated, and the one side is too heavy.  You could adjust the clothes, put the clothes evenly and try again..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    what is the spin speed for the machine
    Costway representative
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