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5.5 Gallon

7.2 Feet Solar Heated Hot/Cold Shower Spa with Base

This is our amazing outdoor solar shower with base, which brings a lot of convenience to you when you are staying outdoors.
Overall Rating:
10 Reviews
Item No: 65432071
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Key Features

● Take A Refreshing Shower:This free standing solar shower mounts to most surfaces, allows you to take a refreshing shower in your garden or by your pool before or after swimming.
● Large Water Capacity: Housed in a black PVC, the storage reservoir can hold up to 9.5 gallons of water at a time. then through solar energy it heats the cold water up to 140 °F for a perfect outdoor shower.
● Easy To Refill: It's easy to refill, simply attach your garden hose, and turn on the water.
● Temperature-adjustable: Wash your whole body or just your feet. Each unit has a temperature-adjustable nozzle, convenient foot wash and rain-style Shower.
● Modern Appearance: With a neat and modern appearance, this solar shower will be a great addition to your garden or your swimming poo.


    This is the amazing outdoor solar shower with base, which brings a lot of convenience to you when you are staying outdoors.

    You can enjoy a refreshing shower in sun-warmed water before and after your swim beside the swimming pool. Simply mount the solar shower in your garden within reach of a hose. Then, hook it up, fill it up and let the sun go to work. Housed in a black PVC, the storage reservoir can hold up to 5.5/9.5 gallons of water at a time. This solar shower soaks up the sun's energy and warms the water insides.


    With a neat and modern appearance, this solar shower will be a great addition to your garden or your swimming pool. Don't hesitate to buy it now!

    • Non-corrosive brass and PVC construction
    • Holds 5.5/9.5 gallon of water, heats water up to idea temperature quickly
    • Warm water showers with no energy costs
    • Handy temperature setting to control hot, warm or cool water easily
    • Free standing portable shower or mounts to most surfaces
    • Base for solar shower included
    • Connects to a standard garden hose
    • Hot and cold temperature adjustment
    • A great addition to your garden or your swimming pool
    • The water temperature coming from the solar shower may reach 140°F
    • Assembly required

    5.5 Gallon

    • Color: Black
    • Material: PVC
    • Weight: 14.5 lbs
    • Product size: 6.5" x 6.5" x 87.5"
    • Capacity: 5.5 Gallon
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Outdoor solar shower

    9.5 Gallon

    • Color: Black
    • Material: PVC
    • Weight: 14.5 lbs
    • Capacity: 9.5 Gallon
    • Product size: 8.0" x 8.0" x 85.5"
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Outdoor solar shower
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


We bought this to rinse off our grandkids after they play on our beach. We didn’t want to spend much money as we knew it wouldn’t be used too much. They love getting to rinse off with warm water! It was fairly easy to set up. We built a platform with a drain under it from our leftover decking. We knew from other reviewers that we need to buy a different hose adapter.


This is our first outdoor shower. I saw some of the reviews about cheap, plastic parts, and while that is true of some of the parts, overall I'd say the unit is very well made. People are actually surprised at how good it looks when they first see it. We do have a small leak up near the coupling where the shower head connects to the main unit (and that coupling is one of the plastic parts) but it's not really a problem, since it only leaks slightly and only when the shower is actually running. I'm pretty sure I will be able to fix that once I get to it. The thread on the water input is a standard garden hose type thread, but it is a male end, so you can't just connect to it with the free male end of a garden hose. There is a quick connect type nipple (with a female thread end) provided that will screw onto the inlet, but there is no matching coupler provided. Rather than be concerned about finding a matching coupler for the nipple provided, I just picked up a new matching quick connect coupler and nipple set. Alternatively, you could simply get a length of garden hose with two female ends and screw that hose directly onto the inlet (it just would not be as easy to connect/disconnect to the water supply). The instructions are OK, but not very well organized. That said, the unit is very easy to assemble. The instructions recommend two people for the step where you put the upper part of the unit onto the lower part, and that is a very good suggestion. It's not really heavy but it needs to be lined up correctly to make sure the o-ring between the two segments seats properly. The unit needs something solid to be mounted to. Concrete would be ideal. In my case I build a 36"X24" platform out of 2x4's and 2x2's, and that has provided a surface that is plenty secure for us. We have the 5.5 gallon version and it's in a spot that gets sun mainly in the afternoon but not really in the morning. As long as there is sun in the afternoon we get a couple of minutes of hot/warm water, which has been fine for our needs (temperatures have been in the 70's to low 80's). We have very strong water pressure here and do not leave the unit under pressure while it is not in use. In our case, just turning on the water slightly provides plenty of water pressure for the shower. We have only had the unit running for maybe two weeks now, so I can't yet attest to durability and longevity. If anything major develops I'll see if I can update this review.


This works great / and looks great!


Top heavy. Will be problem if you get high winds. If so, disconnect the top piece and cover the bottom with something for winter.


Love the rainwater showerhead!


All is good except it doesn't get as hot as I figured it would but you can feel the difference between cold & the near Luke warm it produces.


Easy assembly, the hot and cold water works awesome! Very good quality. Make sure you wrap the threads on nozzle fittings good. Awesome item


No connection to the hose, you have to go buy your own connection. Good product other than that.


Die Dusche erfühlt ihren Zweck. Das Wasser erw?rmt sich rasch im Sommer sobald die Sonne darauf scheint. Top.


I loved, I use in my back yard to keep my family fresh