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  • 60" x 22" Aluminum RV 2" Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Truck Luggage Basket 500LBS
  • 60" x 22" Aluminum RV 2" Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Truck Luggage Basket 500LBS
  • 60" x 22" Aluminum RV 2" Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Truck Luggage Basket 500LBS
  • 60" x 22" Aluminum RV 2" Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Truck Luggage Basket 500LBS
  • 60" x 22" Aluminum RV 2" Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Truck Luggage Basket 500LBS
  • 60" x 22" Aluminum RV 2" Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Truck Luggage Basket 500LBS
  • 60" x 22" Aluminum RV 2" Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Truck Luggage Basket 500LBS
  • 60" x 22" Aluminum RV 2" Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Truck Luggage Basket 500LBS
  • 60" x 22" Aluminum RV 2" Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Truck Luggage Basket 500LBS
60" x 22" Aluminum RV 2" Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Truck Luggage Basket 500LBS

60" x 22" Aluminum RV 2" Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Truck Luggage Basket 500LBS

This is our Aluminum Luggage Basket, with with you can store bags, camping equipment, luggage and more. It utilizes your vehicle's cross bars, easily mounting.
Overall Rating:
60 Reviews
Item No: 01956283

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Key Features

● Heavy Duty Construction: This luggage basket rack is made of premium aluminum, which is very durable and sturdy. The weight capacity of it is up to 500 lbs, which will basically meet your transport needs in daily life.
● Safety Reflectors: Driving at night, rainy days or other severe weather is very dangerous. 8 corners of this rack are painted into red and with additional 2 reflectors, it not only help you to load more things, but also ensure safety.
● Fit 2” Receivers: It fits 2" receivers, suitable for most trucks, SUVs, cars and RVs. This rack is a good choice for long road trip with a large group of people or friends.
● Large Storage Space: The size of the cargo carrier is 60" x 22" x 7" (L x W x H). Wherever you want to go, you can easily put many things on it. It adds the extra room for you to carry.
● Easy to Install: Package includes all mounting hardware and hitch pin, and it is very convenient for you to install and removal. Besides, high quality aluminum material protecting it from rust, road grime, and the elements.

    • Brand new and high quality
    • Used for store extra luggage
    • Large enough for carrying extra luggage you don't want in your vehicle
    • Easy to assemble and easy to install
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Dimension:60"x 22"x7" (L x W x H)
    • Weight Capacity: 500lbs
    • Weight:20 lbs
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Just what I neededno falt at all used on my side by side


I will buy next month, other came, and kept it though cancelled, so next one is all aluminum for ebike trailers!


I have several hitch mounted carriers but will be using this new lightweight basket mostly. My steel carriers are extremely heavy. The aluminum basket is not as strong as steel and more prone to damage. The upper rail and connecting pieces are very weak and can not be used as anchor points. But the base is strong for anchoring. I will eventually replace screws with rivets especially since the upper rail is really just meant to help retain cargo. But I think it's better to assemble basket first then replace one screw at a time. Otherwise it will be more difficult to fix mistakes. There are many screws and multiple ways to screw up as I discovered! Loads should be kept light to minimize adverse effects on driving.


Just rattles when empty. Needs a dampner in the kit.


This aluminum cargo carrier is light and sturdy. Very dependable and light.


Make sure you wait to tighten all bolts until the end, as some pre-drilled holes are off a bit.


Unfortunately we had to return this carrier because we were unable to use it with our pop up camper. but the seller paid for return shipping so we are very satisfied customers.


I chose this carrier because it was made from aluminum, and I knew I would have to frequently remove/put it back on, so ease of handling was important to me. Also, I suspected that aluminum would hold up better to the weather (especially here in Florida). We travel with two dogs, so space in the Jeep is at a premium.


Was easy to put together, seems very sturdy. Lightweight enough to make it easy to put on and take off.


We like very much easy to install


Nice and light. Easy to take off and install.


Great carrier. Assembly is not difficult but is a bit tedious due to to the number of small nuts and bolts that barely fit into your fingers. Allow a bit of time ave a cold beer waiting for when you're finished, you'll be glad you did. We purchased this to mount on the rear of our MH. The aluminum construction makes this carrier strong but also light enough to make installing into your reciever a piece of cake. It's also not going to rust if left outside. Along with it I installed a hitch tightener which will make any carrier a lot more stable. We recently went on a 500 mile trip with the carrier loaded with firewood. It was rock solid the whole way with no issues. Highly recommended.


Full assembly required over 1k pieces in box and is a 2 man build with your own tools takes hours to make this thing.


Ok rack, a bit on the cheap side. This is not the strongest of racks, but I bought it because the aluminum would not rust and that is the good.


This unit works great for us. Light weight and sturdy. It helps to have a second person during assembly but that is the only issue I had with this unit.


put it on the back of rv for more storage


The rack had large number of screws to install, but it did not take that longer. The price was great.


First off this is a Costway carrier not a Goflame... ;)The carrier came nicely packaged and pretty much damage free, although there were a few bumps incurred, as is to be expected... I did not assemble it with the included hardware... I took the advise of another reviewer from a different seller (but still same carrier I am sure...) and used 3/16 aluminum rivets... The rivets worked perfectly and gave a better appearance of build quality IMHO... Also with the rivets I won't have to worry about hardware rust... I will say my hands were a little sore after putting it together though...The reason I purchased this is for camping.... We have a small teardrop camper that has a 1 1/4 receiver on the rear, so I am guessing it is a class 1 which has a tongue weight of 200#... As such I wanted something light weight that can carry our two coolers, and this fit the bill...


Easy to assembly and install. Real light and easy to carry.Fit great on my vehicule.


Love it! Fit perfect. Lightweight!


Very well put together. I us it for hauling harvested deer.


Light and sturdy!


Easy assembly when installed in hitch found that it fit loosely and rattles needs a sleeve or to be made a 1/8"larger to fit in hitch tighter otherwise great rack hauled to 200 lbs. Plus deer with no problems


Even when a lot of things and heavy weight is placed on top of this, it wouldn’t even shake the slightest. Also the installation is very simple. Doesn’t look ugly when placed on my car either, in personal opinion. Good for road trips because not everything always fits in your trunk, especially on your way back when you’re bringing back all the souvenirs.


Light and easy to install


Took some time to assemble


Set some time aside for assembly. Be aware of the front and back of this assembly, easily to be fooled and loose some time taking it apart and re-assembling . I know I'm an old machinist and have built and repaired machinery all my life but this one got me for an added 5 or 10 minutes.


Could be a bit more robust


Light weight but can hold a lot of objects. Gives more room inside my Tahoe.


Very sturdy attach on. Works perfectly with my old truck. Really enjoyed it last weekend for hauling my bikes to biking in the mountains.


This was great for our 2500 mile road trip. Light weight easy to install. Be sure to purchase the recommended extras ( u-bolt and kicking pin).


Very good cargo rack


Used to transport an adult tricycle from Florida to New York. Successful!


As advertised. Eady to carry and install. Be careful when assembling as you can over tighten the bolts and compress the aluminum


As a warning, I would give myself a 9.9/10 on being able to assemble items. That being said, the assembly of the cargo carrier is tedious because of a number of things. There are no assembly directions with step by step diagrams. Enclosed is a tri-fold pamphlet with small text and a picture of an assembled unit. There is only a table with a list of parts included. The major parts are the top frame, the bottom frame and the hitch connector itself and the remaining parts are the top/bottom connecting struts/rails and the small screws and nylon lock nuts. Before you begin, know that the hardware is metric, so have a small adjustable wrench or better still a metric socket set. The other tool would be a #1 Phillips screwdriver. As stated before, the assembly is tedious bc you must line up all screws with the pre-drilled holes. On my carrier, about 10-20% of the holes were drilled slightly offset, but with a little pressure, the fit was doable. The major problem was the steel undercarriage/hitch pre-drilled holes were offset to the extent that I had to get a larger bit and slightly bore them out so that they would line up to the aluminum cage. It worked fine and the finished product is very good, but i think the jig is their assembly plant may have been slightly off. Overall, a good product, but know going in that you may have to get into your tool set to get the fit and finish you desire.


Works great, I use it to transport my kids’ 2 crf50 motorcycles. Lightweight but strong enough


Works great


Works great I love the fact that it’s very lightweight. My wife can move it and put it on by herself.


Just finished a 3,000 mile trip with this and it worked great! All pieces fit together nicely. Used to transport approx 250lbs of gear and luggage. Light enough that 1 person can easily connect and disconnect from the hitch.


Perfect! Light weight and offers more travel storage! Easy to put together. I heeded the warnings in the reviews and loosly put it together at first then went back to tighten everything at the end. With both my husband and myself working together we had it together in less than 30 minutes.


Assembled in about 30 minutes. Solid, built well. Carried about 250 lbs. of fire wood with no issues.


Good Job!


good quality


as advertised. easy assembly, light weight and strong.


Just as advertised. A bit fiddly to assemble but an excellent product. I would recommend.


Excellent product just what i wanted ligh weigh and very spacious.


This is super-easy to mount and very lightweight. However, the assembly directions were very bare and it took us a couple of hours to put together as there are VERY little screws to use and we kept dropping the darn things. The product itself was great once we got it put together, but those screws were difficult to deal with...definitely need someone with small hands.


Just what I was looking for. I needed something to carry my blue boy on my camper and this does the trick. It's very well made and sturdy and yet light because of the aluminum. It took a while to put together but it's not hard at all. Just a lot of screws to screw together.


Nice rack for the price????


 ROLA 59119 Rainproof Cargo Carrier Bag 59" x 24" x 24" (20 Cu Ft) bag which fits pretty well. It's not like it was made for it, but it is close enough. In addition I also picked up some plastic bins locally that, when stacked, fill up most of the space in the bag. This keeps it nice and full so there is no excess to flap in the wind. Even if we don't need to take enough stuff to fill all of the bins, I still put the empty ones in there to fill up the empty space. For this setup I usually just use the straps that came with the bag, but I will tell you they are kind of a pain in the back, literally. I'm probably going to replace them with something a little easier to put on and take off. If you go with the plastic bin idea, you'll probably just need to play around with a few sizes until you find something that works for you. I ended up buying three types and returning them before I finally found some that worked the way I wanted. The ones we finally settled on are the clear kind which is nice, because when we arrive I can see what's in them and know what room to take them to. We purchased two sizes of the same brand, one is just a little deeper than the other, so I put the deeper ones on the bottom and the more shallow ones on top. There is still enough room on top that I can lay our clothes, still on hangers right on top. We probably made 6 or 7 trips this way and it has worked really well.Now for the problems I had and how I solved them. As I mentioned above, when we use this for hauling our luggage our dogs are usually in the back cargo area. I found it difficult to open the hatch and get the dogs out with this contraption attached. To solve this problem, I purchased a 12" hitch extension to extend the whole thing back. This allowed a gap between the bumper and the rack/bag. This was enough room to allow the hatch to open without issue and added more room to get the dogs out. I still didn't like them trying to jump down between the bumper and the rack so I welded some steel braces and added a piece of treated wood about 11" wide to the top of the hitch extension. It is almost level with the bumper, so now the dogs can walk right out on the wood step and step/jump of the side of the car instead of between the bumper and the rack. I added a couple of pictures to show what I did. That worked great but then I was a little worried about the whole thing sitting so far back. To solve this issue I ordered some LED trailer lights and a wiring harness and put lights on the back of the rack. I don't have pictures of it with the lights right now but I'll try to add some later.So, in addition to this item I also purchased (or already had):Trailer hitch to fit my car - CURT 13119 Class 3 Receiver HitchWiring harness to fit my car - harness for the trailer lights - already had oneTrailer lights - 2 Red Oval Oblong 6" SURFACE MOUNT LED Brake Stop Turn Tail Light Trailer Truck RV SEALEDCargo bag - ROLA 59119 Rainproof Cargo Carrier Bag 59" x 24" x 24" (20 Cu Ft)Plastic bins - purchased locallyI also used a welder to weld the braces for the wood step, some black spray paint to touch up after welding, a soldering iron to secure the trailer light connections, electrical tape, wire ties, etc.Hope this helps.


Light and strong


A lot of assembly but it's light weight and does the trick.


Fits well on our camping ...


This rack was easy to assemble and worked great on our family trip.


Great for the price, have to assemble but looks and puts together nice. The aluminum basket is light and won't rust which is the reason I selected this one. The main support that connects to the hitch is painted steel but the basket is not prevents the typical rusty roted basket. The basket is deep and works really we'll to cradle objects.


Nice product


Also bought a CURT waterproof cargo bag to use with it... it met my expectations! Its a bit wobbly at the hitch but once weighed down with cargo it traveled like a dream.


Lilght weight and sturdy. It does wobble in the hitch but otherwise it would be difficult to slide into it. I also purchased a hitch tighter which solved the issue.


This cargo carrier is made well, goes together easily and can be added to. I put a set of lights onto it and bought a large waterproof bag with two large bins. It works perfectly. I have one concern. The one hole that it has did not line up when I added a flexible extension (to lift the carrier up at a 90 degree angle) and I had to have another hole drilled through the 2" black base pipe. But that solved the problem and I am happy with the outcome.


Very nice! Exceeds all of my expectations. Got it for a bike carrier I could use for other purposes, and it fits the bill perfectly!