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  • Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LED Monitor Low Noise - Gallery View 1 of 10
  • Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LED Monitor Low Noise - Gallery View 2 of 10
  • Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LED Monitor Low Noise - Gallery View 3 of 10
  • Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LED Monitor Low Noise - Gallery View 4 of 10
  • Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LED Monitor Low Noise - Gallery View 5 of 10
  • Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LED Monitor Low Noise - Gallery View 6 of 10
  • Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LED Monitor Low Noise - Gallery View 7 of 10
  • Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LED Monitor Low Noise - Gallery View 8 of 10
  • Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LED Monitor Low Noise - Gallery View 9 of 10
  • Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LED Monitor Low Noise - Gallery View 10 of 10
Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LED Monitor Low Noise

Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LED Monitor Low Noise

If you want to burn calories and stay fit, this foldable treadmill with a spacious running belt will provide an effective workout space for you.

Overall Rating:
63 Reviews
Item No: 84762109
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Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LCD Monitor Low Noise Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LCD Monitor Low Noise Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LCD Monitor Low Noise Ultra-thin Electric Folding Motorized Treadmill with LCD Monitor Low Noise
Key Features

Healthy Lifestyle: With its versatile fitness modes, this treadmill is perfect for walking, jogging, and running at home or at the office. You can use it for cardio training, weight loss, muscle toning, and personalized workouts. In addition, it is equipped with a holder for tablets and mobile phones that allows you to exercise while watching your favorite TV shows.
Ultra-thin Foldable Design: The folding, ultra-thin and lightweight design makes this treadmill easy to fold, carry, and store. Two built-in wheels facilitate transport from one room to another with ease. Once you are finished using it, you can store it in any corner or under the bed.
LED Display and Versatile Modes: An easy-to-operate LED display helps you monitor your exercise data for a more efficient workout routine. Selectable Time/ Distance / Calorie countdown modes help you achieve various training goals. Built-in P1-P12 speed modes are set to give you a more challenging workout.
Powerful Motor and Shockproof Design: Powerful but quiet 450W motor delivers speed from 0.5–5 Mph to meet different fitness demands. Featuring an anti-skid rubber surface, a 15.5'' x 40.5'' running belt, and six shock-absorbers for springy feeling, this product holds up to 220 lbs of weight.
Assembly Free and Safety to Use: A safety key with a clip connects you to the treadmill, and it can be stopped immediately in case of an emergency. The best part is that this running machine does not need to be installed, simply take it out of the box and start your workout.


    If you want to burn calories and stay fit, this foldable treadmill with a spacious running belt will provide an effective workout space for you.


    It is great for walking, jogging, and running, helping you build up your muscles while burning calories. Created for home use, it features a compact and ultra-thin design for easy storage. With a non-slip and shock-absorbing running belt, it will effectively reduce the impact while running, therefore protecting your knees. An easy-to-operate LED display helps regulate speed, distance, time and calories burned to meet your different fitness goals. In addition, the safety key ensures that you can stop the belt immediately in case of an emergency. Start exercising now and get that body ready for summer!


    If you are looking for a foldable treadmill like this, don't hesitate to buy one.


    • Suitable for walking, jogging, running, and personalized training.
    • Compact, ultra-thin, and foldable design saves space, making it ideal for home and office use.
    • Shock-absorbing and non-slip rubber running belts reduce motion impact.
    • An easy-to-operate LED display with a phone or a tablet holder.
    • 12 pre-set programs and time/distance/calorie countdown modes for you to choose from.
    • Installation-free treadmill with two transport wheels for easy movement and use.
    • The emergency stop key ensures your safety at all times.
    • Low noise with a powerful 450W motor.
    • Power cord with UL certification.
    • Material: Iron tubes and ABS shell
    • Color: Black, silver
    • Overall dimension: 52" x 26" x 47.5" (L x W x H)
    • Folded size: 26" x 5" x 53.5" (L x W x H)
    • Dimension of belt: 15.5" x 40.5"
    • Net weight: 61 lbs
    • Weigh capacity: 220 lbs
    • Motor: 450W DC
    • Rated voltage: 110 V
    • Speed range: 0.5 Mph to 5 Mph
    • Package included:
    • 1 x Folding treadmill
    • 1 x Tablet PC / Phone holder
    • 1 x Safety key
    • 1 x Power cord
    • 1 x Instruction
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Easy to use


I ordered this treadmill when Covid started and have been really impressed with the durability of the product. It fits perfectly under my bed.


I have this treadmill for several weeks now. I really like it because it can be stand up put away after I am done. I normally walk outside too, but never felt sweat when I do so. With this treadmill, I start sweat at around 10 minute work out time. I think it makes walk faster and at a constant speed.


Fast delivery, easy set up. Works great!


I originally wanted a treadmill with incline and all the other bells and whistles, but my home is only 950 sq ft so some sacrifices had to be made! Although it is a bit heavier than expected, I love how it fits right under my couch, definitely worth it for getting my basic steps in!


I chose this treadmill because it was advertised as an ultra thin model and it is. It's sleek and not as bulky as other treadmills I've had. I enjoy walking on it daily and it is easy to program. If you are looking for a smaller treadmill than I would recommend this one.


This treadmill had the easiest set up. Affordability and quality. Really happy with my purchase!


I really love this machine. It’s simple for getting steps in and/or doing your workout routine for the day. I keep mine behind the couch and roll it out when I’m ready to use it. Maybe 2ish minute setup time. My only gripe is that there is no pause button. I have to slow down to 0.5mph to grab some water and hop back on, and I wish I could pause my workout for a second and get back on where I left off. I usually walk about 3mph but my boyfriend can jog on here too. We’re both shorter people so it works for us.


this machine is light weight , easy to set up and easy to use. great speed, easy on the knees and I feel great after clocking in my 10k steps a day . great for running and walking. an amazing machine for small spaces


This thing is not light. The side with the motor is heavy. When it’s flat on the ground it’s extremely difficult to even shove. Biggest issue is the belt shifting, mine goes to both sides and following the re centering instruction loosened the belt so it was floppy, I spent an hour trying to adjust the stupid thing after only using it 4 days in a row. It also makes a grinding sound and does chew the belt when it’s off centered. I chat with their customer service who asked for photos and a video, i sent and she said I’d get an email resp in 1-2 days. Hmm. I asked what can I do if it isn’t fixed, she disconnected the chat. I really want this to work but I don’t think it’s practical. Anyone know of a walking pad that doesn’t shift the belt like this??


This treadmill is easy to maneuver and fold up to use under a desk. It does have to be controlled by the fold down handle, so if you plan to use under a desk just keep in mind you’ll have to set the speed before you climb on. Otherwise, great purchase!


Belt won't stay centered


I like that it’s small, lightweight and easy to move. I wish positioning the handle bar was less complicated and had more flexibility.


Love it! I use it several times a week!


The treadmill is great. very pleased


This treadmill is exactly what I needed. It’s almost fully assembled. Easy set up and take down that save some space for me when I don’t use it. It’s a little bit short than the treadmills I use at the gym, but it’s perfect size for me. And it’s shows the steps when I work out. I will update this after a few months see how it works.


Well made and easy to set up! It only took about an hour to get set up. Quiet running machine, I like to read or watch TV when on treadmill. Has several speed settings. Machine also measures your heart rate, making it easier to monitor your workout. I can easily put it in a folded position, my sister has a little problem getting it folded up. We certainly would buy again.


It is a really nice running machine! Light and foldable so doesn’t take many space! I just had a little baby so need to lose weight. This machine works very quietly does not bother my baby sleeping! Very light but sturdy! It is a great buy !


LOVE this treadmill. Sleek, not bulky and SO quiet. Perfect for what I need.


I love this simple treadmill design, the traditional treadmill that I owned previously was too bulky and took up a lot of space. With this one, I was able to fold it and store it away easily when not in use. You would think with the sleek design, it would be too small to run in, but actually, it has a decent platform to jog in.


I’m loving the way that I can use this machine in my bedroom and roll it under my bed with ease


If you are looking for a basic treadmill this one is great. Love that it is low noise and not too heavy to move.


Compact. Perfect for walking in the house during the cold winter. Buy it. Now.


I love this treadmill! Simple and easy to use!


I love it! ❤️ Worth the money!


I absolutely love this treadmill! It does fold up pretty thin and takes up very little space. Huge help on my weight loss journey. The only 3 things that would be nice but manageable without are :-No pause button. Once you are on, if you drink a lot of water like me there is no stopping to go to the bathroom or you will lose the progress you had made in that session.- Once the emergency clip is on and if it gets knocked off by accident that clears it immediately.- It would be nice for it to be able to save at least a previous days work out stats so you can compare for the next day.Like I said very doable with out just would be nice if those could have been incorporated into the design.Otherwise we'll worth the money!


I am really happy with this treadmill! It is definitely tiny but I am 5'3" so that isnt a problem. I have this treadmill on the second floor of an apartment and there havent been any noise issues (that I know of). I put some mats under it and it is pretty quiet. It's really easy to fold up and move around. I havent taken it above 2.5 as I am trying to stay quiet and only plan to use it for a walk. This is really nice especially as the days are shorter and there isnt as much day light for me to get walks in.


I find it heavy to open and close. So I found a location to leave it open . If I had to open and close it every time I wanted to use it I wouldn’t use it, also one picture shows storing it standing up but again much too heavy for me to do


Took a minute to figure out how to operate it manually. Feels good for walking. Haven’t tried running yet.


Ready right out of the box. Very quiet. Looks good and a real workhorse. We love it.


Fits into my one BR Living room. So happy! At 82 it feel safe and the buttons etc... afriend put it up but it was a snap for him. I like the reminder to shut off, the red clip in case you run into trouble. The perfect machine for my circumstances while I cannot go to my health club....and even after I go back. I could not do without handles to hold onto and can use my kindle and watch my TV. I am very pleased to go into winter with this new friend!


This item is very heavy. Luckily for me, a neighbor helped me up to my condo with it.


After years of contemplating buying a treadmill but always deciding it wasn't worth the money since I'd rather run outside and had access to them at the gym, I started looking seriously a few weeks ago. After I bought this treadmill, I liked it very much and regretted not buying it earlier.


I have used this treadmill for six months. It is very good. Although it is compact, it is fully functional. For the past six months, I used it to run for an hour almost every day. It is a very good exercise equipment. With it, I fell in love with running.


The configuration of this treadmill is very good, its belt is very smooth, and will not run on either side during the arrangement process, no matter what my speed is, it is stable in the middle. This is completely beyond my imagination. I bought a treadmill before, and its belt will shake, which brings a very bad experience. This is worth buying.


Other than the phone/tablet tray the treadmill came fully assembled. It was harder to get the box into the house than it was to setup the treadmill. This model did not come with adjustable elevation nor does it have a pulse meter built in. It also does not have a water bottle holder. There is a shelf for an iPad or phone and it will hold it securely so it doesn’t fall if you are running.  It does have several program modes (a list was available in the manual). With wheels on the heavier end It is very easy and move around. Folded it is less than 6" tall and can easily be rolled under a bed for storage or leaned against a wall. I remove the tablet shelf when it’s folded up to make it a little thinner.  When leaning it against a wall I turn it around so it won’t roll away from the wall if bumped. It is also a quieter than I expected. On mine the belt tended to drift to the left when I first set it up. Adjustments for this are addressed in the manual and a tool is included. The display includes distance, speed, time and estimated calories burned.
There is a nicer treadmill at the gym I go to but with covid-19 I’ve been avoiding public places and staying home. This treadmill is great for quarantining or if you don't have room to keep one set up full time.
Pros: lightweight, arrived assembled, easy to store, quiet, program modes
Cons: can’t adjust incline. Doesn’t adjust speed based on pulse. No water bottle holder. Belt needs adjustments to stay straight.


Compact treadmill is perfect for home use. The treadmill belt works well. No slipping and very sturdy.


I choose this one for its compact size, and it turned out to be a perfect treadmill, run smoothly and feel stable and safe. Very happy with this purchase.


I was looking for a compact treadmill that folds up for my small office. I'm very happy with the treadmill. It's very easy to fold down when needed and back up when not in use. It takes up very little room in my already small office.


I am very pleased with the treadmill.My husband wasn't listening when I told him I had ordered it . He stated that at the price, it could not be be that great He has been amazed with how great it is. We both use it daily.He has been unable to go to the gym with the Pandemic closure of the one he belongs to.Took little effort to set it up and does not use a lot of floor space.


Well made. Runs smooth. I don’t jog on it but do walking. Put together simple. Lovely looking.


I'm very glad I got this. I was nervous at first because I've never owned a treadmill before, and I wasn't sure if I'd understand how to put it together. There really is no "putting it together" though, there's hardly anything you have to do at all. Very easy to maintain and to get working. It's super heavy and hard for me to move, though I'll admit that I'm a very small woman with no muscles, and I have an injured pinkie on my dominant hand, so it's difficult for me to get a grip on anything. I'm sure that's part of it. Nevertheless, I can still get it slid under my bed and pulled back out. It takes all my strength, but I can manage. I've been walking on it quite a lot to help with my anxiety, and it's been great for that.


So easy to put together! Convenient, slim and sturdy!


Absolutely love it! Exactly what I was looking for.


I wanted to used it for a while, before writing a review. My whole family loves it. It can be stored anywhere without using much of a space. I use it for running and walking, and so far it is working great!


This treadmill is perfect for those who want a relatively simple and lightweight treadmill in their homes. The set up is extremely quick and feasible, with most of the parts already attached. It is also best for those who want to get a little exercise in while watching TV, whether it's casual/brisk walking, or jogging. Although the belt of the treadmill that I received constantly deviated left/right and could not be centered, I was able to get into contact with the seller who was extremely helpful in providing advices in regards to problems related to the treadmill. Although there were still some quality issues with the treadmill I received, I was able to get a full refund. Overall, I think this is a very good treadmill for beginners to start off with!


Have had it for three weeks - used it about 6 or 7 times. I got it to allow me to walk indoors in cold, rainy, windy (or really just lousy) weather.Easy set-up as all have noted. No assembly, take it out of the box, plug-in and go.My belt has been running true and I don't plan on attempting to fine tune it.Holder works fine for my Kindle Fire - and that was where I had my only problem.I stumbled a couple times when 'swiping' to advance a page on the Kindle.Now, I know why 'Tho$e Other Treadmill$" have the large horizontal arms that are parallel to the treadmill surface.A stumble can put One foot on a stationary surface and the Other on a moving treadmill. Not Good, but maybe being 75 years old had something to do with my problem.Solution #1: Use the clip so that the treadmill stops. OK, but I still stumbled and interrupted my walking.Solution #2: Visit home Depot and get two 48-inch long 1-ince diameter dowels and use them like ski poles. As long as my swiping hand side of the treadmill has a roughly 4-foot side clearance I have been fine.Not really sure why the dowels work so well for me - but "if its stupid and it works, its not stupid".Changes I'd like to see #1 A larger bottle of oil (anybody got a recommendation for replacement - I'm thinking sewing machine oil - if they still make that stuff) #2 A better clamp when adjusting the Bar that hold the controls. #3 A daily/weekly/month total for things like distance/time/speed etc. #4 A handle at the bottom end to give something to hold onto when setting it up and when storing it.Overall A great value: Folds flat and stores against wall. Inexpensive, small(ish), quiet, runs faster than I do - way faster actually.


The treadmill fit all the needs I was looking for. Size, price and weight. I am a small person so did not want to haul a heavy treadmill around the bedroom when it was folded. That said, it was a chore to get it unboxed. But, the unit is well packaged. So, it is possible to remove the carton, then start unwrapping, and rolling the treadmill to wherever you want to use it. So far, I am only using it as a walker, speed around 2.5 (miles or kilometer, I'm not sure) and runs fine. BTW...I think it is very quiet. The little shelf on the handle is small. I holds my iphone, ok. But, I wouldn't trust it with a Ipad.


One month in, and I’ve used this almost every day. It has little in bells & whistles (I wish I could save settings or have a pause), but it comes assembled and has a small footprint - and that’s exactly what I needed for my living space. I’m only 5’0”, so definitely have no issue with stride. Hopefully it has a long life ahead of it, TBD.


It does the job...not to sturdy but no issues so far.


I truly recommend this equipment for walking and for light people. I just received it this morning!


I just wanted a simple treadmill for walking, and with a small footprint. This completely meets my needs! Compared to some other reviews, I would say I struggled a bit getting the bar handle thingy to raise and lower easily, especially fiddly getting it to tighten with the teeth locked in evenly on each side and in the right position. So I don't bother trying to fold/unfold, and just leave it set up and ready full time. I do find the belt adjustment to be very simple, and does not require much (if any) messing with after you get it dialed in. I've been using the treadmill daily for an hour each day for about 6 weeks now. No sign of any issues at all. I figured I'd start exercising with a LOW investment, and then if the habit sticks, I may upgrade my equipment. But considering this accomplishes everything I need, I see no reason to spend more.My favorite feature with this treadmill is the tablet holder. There are plenty of machines out there with built-in screens, but those screens are not providing anything I want to look at! With my iPad in front of me, I can use the Treadmill Trails app, and get lost wandering scenic trails all over the world. The time flies by, and I find myself looking forward to that time each day.


I know this is not a high end treadmill but it serves its purpose for us. We need something compact, sleek and help us to always stay active during rainy or cold days. So far so good, downside is the belt sometimes need to be adjusted so it won't get too noisy, a lil bit narrow but we used to it so far. Good purchase for beginner runner like us.


This is a good lightweight and compact treadmill. It is worth the money. It comes mostly assembled. It is small enough to put in the living room where I can watch TV as I walk.


Read the other reviews first, and glad i purchased this! It fits perfectly in our guest bedroom and with room to spare! I have yet to try and lift/move this but it will definitely fit under the guest bed. I recommend gym mats for under this though. At first glance you would think it’d be too small but i walk on this everyday with no issues what so ever, and I’m 5’7. My husband plans to start running on this and he’s 6 ft. The tablet/phone rest is a nice touch and comes in handy. Be careful dangling the emergency stop clip if you have cats...they WILL steal it!


This is not an expensive treadmill, but for the price it works well. It folds nicely and is portable, it is heavy but the wheels help move it.


I love it.. Works perfect.. And is saves me a lot of space...


This is a great little treadmill! Easy to set up and runs quietly. The only issue I've had is having to adjust the belt a few times, but this is pretty easy to do with the included allen wrench. It's easy to fold and it's made to be able to stand on end, but the grips on the bottom make it pretty much impossible to slide under a bed like I was hoping. However, I'm still happy with it.


I like this treadmill as it is smaller than most and there is no assembly required. Very easy to get going. But it's very heavy and I'm not going to be able to just pick it up and roll it out of the way when I'm done.


Easy to assemble. Low cost. Ultrathin. Is quiet so I can watch TV while using. Is already making me workout more. Easy to fold up and store away.


I was skeptical on buying this because it only has 1 review but I took the risk! I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The weather is a bit bipolar where I live and winter is also coming so I needed something to keep me staying active. Walked 6 miles on this today and no problems at all! I’m 5’3 and around 160 lbs, I’m super positive this will help me with my weight loss journey :) if you’re thinking about buying, do it!P.S the stride was just perfect for my size!


My apartment is small. I am so glad to have this foldable treadmill and now I can do exercise in my small apartment. It is a space saver for home use. Plus save time being not commuting to gym


I love the sleek design. It stores underneath my chair in bedroom. The speed goes up to 5mph, which is difficult to find in this size and maybe impossible to find for this price.I usually use for 45 to 70 minutes with no problems from motor.The only concern is the size of the walking area. It work fine for me. I'm 5'9. It can be a little challenging when jogging, but I can do it.