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  • 30" 3-Speed Portable Tower Fan
  • 30" 3-Speed Portable Tower Fan
  • 30" 3-Speed Portable Tower Fan
  • 30" 3-Speed Portable Tower Fan
  • 30" 3-Speed Portable Tower Fan
  • 30" 3-Speed Portable Tower Fan
  • 30" 3-Speed Portable Tower Fan
  • 30" 3-Speed Portable Tower Fan
  • 30" 3-Speed Portable Tower Fan
30" 3-Speed Portable Tower Fan

30" 3-Speed Portable Tower Fan

This white tower fan can easily bring your family a cool summer! Families can depend on the fan offering both style and functionality while effectively optimizing their home environment.

Overall Rating:
62 Reviews
Item No: 26917830

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Key Features
  • Easy Operate Interface and Adjustable Fan Speed: This tower fan features a very simple interface. It only shows 3 fan speeds and oscillation for your choice. The fan speeds is divided into 1, 2, 3 levels corresponding to low, medium and high respectively.
  • User Friendly Low Noise and Oscillating Fanning: The tower fan provides smooth consistent air flow with low noise which is slightly comforting at night. With the oscillation button, you can choose to oscillate or not. Under the oscillation mode, the fan speeds up the air flow and cools the room more quickly.
  • Stable Widened Base and Super Easy Installation: The tower fan base is widened to keep the whole stability. And the fan base is the only part that needs to be installed, allowing you to finish the assembly in seconds. With a wider base, the fan won't tip over easily.
  • Lightweight with Convenient Portable Handle: With a weight of 7 lbs, this tower fan is quite light and it comes with a portable built-in handle so that you can move it an relocate it at will. In this way, it saves you money to buy another one since you can take it anywhere.
  • Space Saving Design and Simple Direct Style: The tower fan is 11.5" x 9.5" x 30" in size, occupying a very small footprint, which is also suitable to fit countertop. It’s also easy to store when not in use. Its simple and modern style will enhance your home decor and will be a great addition to your space.

    This tower fan is similar to an ordinary electric fan.


    You can adjust the fan speed and choose the oscillation function. There are three fan speeds for your choice. You can tell at a glance how to use it. Its great advantage is that it’s compact in size and suitable for small space which is convenient for storage. It’s light in weight and comes with a built-in portable handle so that you can carry it easily. Besides its location, it provides smooth and consistent airflow with low noise, which is very comforting at night. It’s simple, and modern style will enhance your home decor.


    You deserve it!


    • Features easy operate interface
    • Low, medium and high fan speeds optional
    • Low noise fanning won't affect your sleeping
    • Oscillation mode available for faster cooling
    • Stable widened the base for the whole stability
    • Lightweight with built-in portable handle for easy carrying and relocation
    • Easy assembly needed
    • Compact and space saving for easy storage
    • Color: White
    • Material: ABS
    • Power: 120 V AC, 60 Hz, 35 W
    • Package weight: 10 lbs
    • Overall dimensions: 11.4” x 9.6” x 30” (L x W x H)
    • Package includes: 1 x tower fan
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Price right, simple


This fan looks nice and is really quiet!! It also keeps air circulated.


Works good


This is the second time I bought a tower fan, because it's easier to assemble and it only takes a few minutes to get it. It's more space-saving and has a good wind. For me, it’s safer for my two-year-old daughter.


The fan is very easy to set up. It works in my small office and keeps air flow cool. The reason I gave it a 4 stars is that it warbles.


Just the right height, most tower fans are too tall for me. Plus it has a flat top (except for the buttons), so I can put stuff on it. The air output is sufficient for me.


Works fantastic in my one bedroom apartment. I purchased two. One for the living room and one for the bedroom. Very good . I will use it all the summer.


We love this standing fan. It's quiet, lightweight and perfect for my granddaughter's room.


Works well.


Move from place to place, mostly under an open window to disperse air (oscillating) from outside into living room, or in bedroom pulling in air on cooler nights.One annoyance: cord is about 6" short to reach an outlet in the hallway outside the kitchen. Had to use a different fan with longer cord.


So far it looks good and works great. Easy to set up and it's very quiet.


I like this fan very much. It was all white, and there was a gale in front of it. The height is just right for me, it's a little shorter than the fans we bought from other companies before, but it's still above the height of the bed, so you can still feel the air. It's very easy and fast to walk together, it doesn't squeak, it doesn't rattle, etc. For that price, it's a great fan, especially if you're using it as a bedroom. Love it!


Works great and is very quite. I would buy it again


A quiet fan for the TV room. You do not have to turn up the TV volume. Cools the whole room. Lightweight too!


This fan is perfect for my son's room, it cools and has enough white noise to help them sleep.


Was gray instead of white, but still looks good. Good airflow, pretty quiet, simple. We like that it’s bladeless and the holes are small so it’s safe around kids.


Purchased to work in addition to a/c unit. Bc of vent placement, the room tends to feel stuffy at night but this fan has helped to keep things cooled off.


Nice look, standly, much quiet, works good.


It’s a nice fan I bought it because I broke my old one. I like the color and it’s easy to assemble. It has a nice size.


Love this fan working quiet and soft, It works perfectly for a small space !!!


This fan is quiet and easily moved. It is a good size for our small living room, It was easy to set up without tools.


He got for friend, broke old one


I purchased this for our office conference room, so far it's worked beautifully. Extremely easy to put together, just a few screws here and there, and you're done, ready to go. It was definitely a good purchase for our uses.


Great fan, better than I expected, blows really well at speed 3, and looks great, I recommend this fan no problem.


I ran this thing pretty much continuously for about 5 months in a small (~200 sq ft) room on med speed and oscillation. It was relatively quiet and did a fine good moving air/cooling. The remote function is handy. Unfortunately, it first stopped turning and then various other functions (e.g., high speed mode, wind mode) went. The fan never completely quit, so I can still manually start it up and aim it in a direction to move some air around. For the price, I guess I'm not mad. Just know this thing has finite lifespan, and it's not as long you might think.


What a great fan, no assembly required. I love the remote control. I thought it would be smaller so I could sit it on my nightstand but it works just as great on the floor.


Nice!!! Thank very much!!!


Es muy bueno da bastante aire , , con 3 opciones para poner normal denoche y natural , lo recomiendo


Great tall black fan with remote control and easy to put on stand,,,


I love this fan! I've had previous tower fans that didn't stand up to this one (pun intended). This fan is taller than I expected, but I'm not complaining about that. It blows out really cool air, has many different settings - normal, nature and sleep settings, 3 speeds, oscillates, and comes with a remote. Great fan for the price.


just right for hot wheater


This is wonderful in every way. The settings all work and so does the remote control. There are a lot of options.


We bought this for our son's bedroom because his room gets hotter than the rest of the house in the afternoons. This fan is perfect for the small space and works really well. Does what it's supposed to do. He's happy with it. Glad we got it.


Love it. Received it quickly and it works great. It is very quite.


I actually love this fan. Im able to put a timer on it so at night when it get colder naturally I can time it to go off. It's relatively quiet. The remote is good but it had to be prettt direct when using it. My only complaint is the beeping when you put a button.. on off or what not.. it's a little loud for a quiet house but so far no one has said anything. I recommend it. I keep it on the flore or up next to my tv.


very good breeze & quiet; i use it in my kitchen on the 'oscillate' setting. i left off 1 star b/c of (2) reasons: a couple days ago, the 'oscillate' button on the remote wouldn't work, so i manually started it going 'round (& then it was fine). i hope that was a one-time thing. plus it's really big (my own fault; i sh/ hv checked dimensions)


Love this fan. It's nice, super sleek, stylish and overall pretty quiet. Also gives off a great amount of air. The remote control is an extra bonus. Wish I had purchased it sooner.


The Costway Tower Fan does the same job as my previous large propeller fan. Its efficient design lets it oscillate while using one third of the space. I really like the summer breeze mode.


Perfect airflow for my bedroom and quiet.


So far this fan has saved me in this hot summer. Love the speeds and remote. Easy to clean dust off. Well worth the price!!


Honestly, I'm a fan of this fan. Not sure if you can read, but this thing is literally the size of an 8 year old and some great dane puppies. Besides that, it's not too loud and makes some strong oscillations. Only concern I have with it is the settings are very peculiar. Not that I wanted to use them, but the two additional modes seem to just be the fan turning on and off. So, not really sure what the point of that is. Get this fan though.


Work very good!




Works great and saves on AC bills! Very nice quality and love the variety of speeds and other things. Saves so much space.


My last tower fan started making too much noise so I replaced it with this one. It's so quiet on low and gives a nice cool flow of air in my bedroom at night. I love it.


Excellent fans, fast shipping (arrived four days earlier than promised), low price. I bought two for my brother's house in Florida which has no air conditioning. These fans allow you to sleep at night. No complaints about stability, durability, assembly, usage, noise, or smell.


Very quiet and works great! I like the remote, it's very easy to see and read. Best buy!!


Easy to assemble. Works perfectly fine in both of my kids rooms. It swivels, there are 3 speeds, the noise is slightly comforting at night and not crazy loud.


Like the tall size. Remote is so handy. Really quiet. I've cut way back in my A.C. by using the fan. Better than my overhead fan. Thinking about buying another one.


When run at "normal" speed it runs beautifully & quietly. However, when run at "sleeping" or "nature" settings it can be very disconcerting as the fan slows down & then speeds up every few minutes. It would be much better if it stayed at a speed for as long as desired.


I purchased this fan, and I am very pleased with the results. The fan really cools off the room.


I love this fan! Works great and it isn't loud.


Perfect little fan...does not need a lot of floor or table space...quiet and perfect nighttime unit.


Easy assembly, light to carry from one room to another and does not require too much space. The only downside for me is the wire, not long enough.


It's quiet and blows air really will. I just got it so I haven't had to clean it yet but for the price, its a great fan to cool our 7×11 living room. It was easy to put together.


Excellent quality for reasonable price! Library quiet, convenient and efficient. Will order again.


Cool fan! Looks nice, not what I would consider loud. More on the soothing side in my opinion. I haven't put batteries in the remote designated for the fan yet so I find it curious that my telly remote also adjust the fans settings, ha!Good blow! Keeps you cool and when accompanied with A/C you just might think you're heaven!


Total room cooling!


Im obsessed. I bought two. They put out an artic breeze with white noise that is perfect. Not sure what all of the setting mean, but it works great.


My boyfriend I live in a small condo that's upstairs and we were racking up our bill with running the AC. We decided to give this fan a try and it instantly cools any room down. However if you're planning on using it in a big open area it might not be as effective. In our master bedroom it works perfectly. We love this fan so much we ordered another one!


This is quite enough on high to use at night. It is high enough so I can feel it in bed. Great fan for the price. It was easy to put the base on. My only complaint is that the base should be a bit bigger.


So far it is the best tower fan I have had. The features like oscillation, remote control, natural breeze or fan mode, and timer all work flawlessly. On medium speed I can feel it blowing from the living room into the kitchen. (12-15 ft away) I really got lucky with this one and for those of you who have been buying on line for a while you know what I mean.UPDATE: This fan still blows but it no longer oscillates. It oscillation feature lasted 1 summer then it went kaput.