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3-layer Tear-resistant Relaxing Foam Floating Pad

Made of three layers of tear-resistant XPE foam, it has a strong bearing capacity and good durability, no water absorption and no deformation.

Overall Rating:
25 Reviews
Item No: 73612094
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Key Features

● Have Fun on the Water: With a size of 83" x 26", the floating water mat can support 132 lbs of weight and is suitable for adults or kids. It is perfect for entertaining and relaxing in water parks, swimming pools, lakes, beaches and the sea. You can use it for water games, vacations and sunbathing.
● Tear-resistant and Durable XPE Foam: Made of three layers of high-quality XPE foam, the floating mat has high tear resistance and puncture resistance, no water absorption and no deformation. Safe and bouncy material is non-toxic and odorless, which can effectively prevent bacteria from breeding and ensure durability.
● Rolling Pillow Designed for Relaxation: Rolled up rolling sleeper design allow you to reasonably support your head area and relax your body. You can lie comfortably on top to enjoy life, feel the sun bathing and release stress. It will bring hours of fun with your family or closest friends.
● Easy to Anchor and Clean: You can use the 5' bungee tether to secure the floating pad to a dock or other fixed object to prevent it from drifting. The smooth surface brings more cooling and makes you more comfortable. And it is easy to clean with soap and water to maintain vivid colors and high visibility.


    Made of three layers of tear-resistant XPE foam, it has strong bearing capacity and good durability, no water absorption and no deformation.


    You can easily anchor this floating pad in your lake or to a dock using the included 5' bungee tether to prevent yourself and the pad from drifting away. The rolled up rolling sleeper design can provide excellent buoyancy and head support. And it is lightweight and easy to store and carry when rolled up, saving your space.


    If you are looking for a water pad like that, don't hesitate to buy it.


    • Support to 132 lbs of evenly distributed weight and is suitable for adults or kids
    • Suitable for water parks, swimming pools, lakes, beaches, the sea and more
    • Made of tear-resistant XPE foam, not easy to decompose, odorless, bouncy, safe and durable
    • The three-layer XPE foam is compounded, with strong buoyancy, no water absorption and no deformation
    • Rolling pillow design can support your head area and relax your body
    • Use the included 5' bungee tether to prevent yourself and the pad from drifting away
    • Smooth surface, comfortable and cool, easy to clean, can be used on both sides
    • Roll up for easy carrying and storage, saving your space
    • Bright colors with high visibility and safety
    • Material: XPE foam
    • Color: Orange/yellow
    • Overall size: 83" x 26" x 1.5" (L x W x H)
    • Net weight: 3.5 lbs
    • Weight capacity: 132 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Floating water pad
    • 2 x Storage strap
    • 2 x Pillow rope
    • 1 x Bungee tether
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


It turns over too easy and isn’t comfy. But the dogs like it


Awesome for pool fun. My dog loves floating and jumping on it.


The consistency is not what I expected. It takes a while to be usable. It wouldn’t stay unrolled


Shop around before buying-


Quite small - color is fading quickly.


The float is shipped rolled up and does not flatten out. It does not hold me above the water like a sturdy air mattress. It is also already coming a part in some areas. I would not recommend this product. Very disappointing.


A little pricey but good product and sturdy, holds up against kids!


Another floating toy for my summer fun, I personally don't like to floating around, but my son said they have a lot of fun with it. First of all, you need to spend some time to stretch it flat, so it doesn't roll in on its own, pretty cool




Love this float for my pool.


So far, so good (after 2 weeks). It's really nice to have something in the pool that the kids can jump on (with their feet, too) and I don't have to cringe, wondering if it's going to pop a hole and loose air!


I ordered this on the 11th they said it would be here between the 24th and 27th it arrived on the 13th.


I’m trying to collect pool toys for this season that don’t require inflation. I found they took a lot of work and required frequent topping up. This water pad will be a great addition to our pool and be maintenance free. It is made from really thick, closed-cell foam. Being closed cell, I won’t have to worry about it becoming water logged and growing mildew. I like how compact it rolls up for storage and it even comes with straps for keeping it rolled up. There are additional straps that can be used to turn one end of the roll into a pillow. These straps fit through two cutouts in the mat and hold that end in a roll when wrapped around. It also comes with a bungee cord to anchor it in place so that it won’t drift in the water if I want to sunbath on it. Because it arrives rolled, it does take some time to flatten out but it eventually does. This process can be sped up by rolling in the opposite direction. It is a good length and width for adults. I find it spongy and comfortable to lie on. Even out of the water, it will make lounging by the pool so much more comfortable than lying on the concrete.


Like us to use on my pontoon boat. The kids have a blast with it it’s the perfect size. Didn’t want anything really big in this floaty works out great


The water pad is great fun for kids to float on, roll off, and pile on in the water.


The float allows for our dog to rest on and climb up to boat on!


Much sturdier than my old foam float. This product exceeded my expectations.


Anyone who owns a pool with kids knows how quickly you go through floaties and blow up tubes. I will not buy another! This foam float was perfect. The kids have jumped on it, flipped on it, and even have a game where they try to stand on it and it has lasted! The only negative is the price. It was a bit smaller than I expected for such a high literally fits one person. I haven’t tried other foam floats yet that are in a different price range so I can’t say if the price is worth it comparatively speaking. Longevity wise...good purchase.


I use this in our lake. Can't drink the lake water, so what about a cup holder?


Perfect size for my pool. My kids have so much fun playing with it. It’s also great for yoga exercise and tanning. I'm very happyppy with this purchase. Definitely recommend it to my friends and families.


Good product for the price.


I have a pretty big pool and have been looking for a sturdy pad for a while and this was it. It’s the most perfect size for mw and it is really comfortable to lay on. I can also bring it on my boat rides, super portable. Love it


Strong bearing capacity, good durability, no water absorption, no deformation. I could easily attach the float to the lake, using a 5-foot cable to prevent myself and the float from drifting away. The rolled sleeper design provides excellent buoyancy and head support. It is light in weight, easy to roll up to store and carry, saving space.


A bit pricey but worth it. It will support almost everyone and can be used on top of a lounge chair for extra comfort. The most used pool float at our house by a mile!


Very good and nice product, totally recommended