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3-in-1 Evaporative Portable Air Cooler with 3 Modes include Remote Control

3 models and wind speeds to create cool, fresh air around you.

Overall Rating:
31 Reviews
Item No: 72980516
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Key Features

3 Speeds and 3 Modes: The air cooler features 3 wind modes (Normal/Natural/Sleeping) to adjust wind. Meanwhile, there are three wind speed settings (Low/Med/High) creating a most comfortable feeling either at work or sleep. Designed for space cooling. You can choose the perfect wind force according to your needs.
3-in-1 Evaporative Cooler: This portable air-cooling fan adopts ice crystal refrigeration and humidification filtration technology, which can effectively reduce temperature and increase air humidity, thus it can be used as a personal air cooler, humidifier, and purifier to provide you with the most comfortable experience in summer. The negative oxygen ion function not only provides cool mist but also improves air quality to bring more fresh air to you and your family.
Convenient Remote Control: The touch screen allows you to control the cooling fan more intuitively, thereby switching to the mode you need. Equipped with remote control, the cooling fan is convenient for you to operate on the bed, sofa, or desk. Moreover, the 7-hour timer function and ultra-silent feature allow you to enjoy a quiet and comfortable sleep all night without being disturbed.
Easy Rolling Casters: Equipped with 4 portable wheels, this air cooler can be easily moved. You can put it in your home, office or any place you like. When it is not needed, it can be easily stored in narrow spaces, such as wardrobes and storage boxes due to its compact design.
Humanized Design: The 6L large-capacity water tank can be sprayed continuously for several hours without free water replenishment, thereby effectively increasing the air humidity. In addition, if you need to spread cool across a wide space, consider a model with oscillating louvers to move air from side to side! This oscillating fan swings horizontally and vertically, up to 65 degrees, which is very suitable for multi-person use.


    The setting of three modes and three wind speeds can be free to choose according to your needs, and effectively fresh the air around you. 


    This air cooler allows you to feel the slightest coolness in summer! The 7-hour long timer makes you enjoy a comfortable sleep all night. Meanwhile, its silent operation provides a quiet indoor environment without being disturbed. The convenient remote control can help users easily control the operation of the cooling fan, which means you can operate it on the bed, sofa, and chair instead of getting up. The four wheels at the bottom move the air cooler more labor-saving. It can be used as an air cooler, a humidifier, and a purifier at home, offices, and other indoor places. 


    Choose this air cooler will surely make your life easier and healthier.


    • 80° oscillating range for spreading coolness to a wide space
    • 3 speeds allowing selection between maximum cooling and quiet operation
    • 3 modes that can adjust wind to offer the feeling of nature
    • 7 hours timer function for a restful and comfortable sleep all night
    • 3-in-1 design as an air cooler, humidifier, and air cleaner meeting your different needs
    • Honeycomb filter for improving cooling performance and air cleaning
    • Compact design takes up less space which is easy to store
    • Universal wheels convenient for smooth moving around
    • Negative ion mode providing you with fresher air
    • Color: White
    • Fan power input: 45.8w
    • Voltage: 120V/60hz
    • Maximum fan flow rate: 3.6m³/min
    • Water tank capacity: 6L
    • Timer: 1-7 Hours
    • Overall dimension: 10 inches x 9.5 inches x 22 inches (L x D x H)
    • Net weight: 8.5 lbs
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Air cooling fan
    • 1 x Remote control
    • 1 x User's manual
    • 4 x Ice boxes
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Fabulous device. Purifies the air very well. Cools even better. Just the gentle breeze and purifier even in winter! In OHIO!


Muchas luces en el frente tube que taparlas en la noche


Pensé que hiba a enfriar más. El área


Water pump went out in 2 months and now just blows hot air




This is a nice cooler for a smaller space. I find it cools me off if I am sitting near it - but it doesn't cool off an entire room, even a small bedroom. The instructions indicate that you should plug this into a wall socket and not into an extension cord. Because of this, the main cord attached to the cooler should be much longer because you have to position it quite close to the wall socket. I also wish the air was colder. It did provide extra coolness during this California heat wave, and since it does blow cool air, it is better than my fans. You can set the timer for up to 7 hours. We tested it at 7 hours (the max) and it ran the entire time. However, there is only room for 2 frozen bottles, so you will need to trade them out after about 4 hours. It is easy to set up and is very quiet.


I bought this for one of my employees because her house doesn’t have any AC. One of the best people I have, and she was loosing sleep from the heat. After two days she was right as rain again. She said she loves that it’s on wheels so she can move it to any room she occupies- loves the remote and it runs beautifully. She said noise is not an issue and it can run for 7 hours straight before needing to refill. I spent a month researching these and this seems to be the best one as far as she thinks. I’m glad I picked right!


The product does not work as advertised.


I use it in for my room and it keeps my room cool through out the day. The remote comes in handy all the time. I just love it.


In hot summer, you need an air conditioner that can move. With three kinds of wind speed and mode, you can choose the one you like. The volume is very large, I don't need to worry about adding water all night, the sound is very quiet and automatically purifies the air, so that I can have a better sleep.


Perfect for my bedroom. :). I haven't even needed to add the water bottles and it still keeps my room cool. I love the humidifier feature too that really helps keep my room air clean. The remote control is also a plus. .


Works great and cools my office space really well! Great product!


I would not suggest anyone buy this if expecting it to provide cold air. It did blow cool air which does not help at all in South Louisiana. It blew air just as regular box fan. The air wasn't any more cooler even after adding the frozen packs that came with it.


Not at all what I expected. It was just an overpriced fan




Remote control ok noise level very good when it swings or rotating dnt like it dnt give full power during this. Needs to come with extra freezer bottles that are for the size. Water last almost all day running on high. I dnt know what I would do without this. for your $ it’s worth it. I also bought another one at 176$ different brand not so great I am going to buy another


I think it's an overall very good unit. It had great packaging and seems very straight forward and sturdy. I ran it for awhile and seemed to cool the room just fine. The remote is nice but isn't necessary for operation. The unit is very sharp and would fit into any space perfectly. Arrived as advertised.


I kept this only because the cost to return it was more than I paid originally for the product


It works great for my little loft


To small can not handle the Arizona heat only after dark when it cools not pore any of the blue freezer blocks into the water resavor it will plug it up it has sum type of gel ......


Annoying flashing lights when off. Ice packs swell too much even half full. Good for a small room but not a powerful fan. Can't complain for the price though.


This air cooler has a very huge capacity of cooling the room temperature.


….not like anAC but works a tiny bit in tiny areas.


2 months and all the led's are starting to stay whether selected or not :(


For use in smaller rooms. Ideal for a studio or small 1 bedroom apartment.


Now that I've had time to try different things with it I'm pretty happy with how well it cools. The instruction book left a lot to trial and error. Remote came with a battery but did not work so I can't evaluate that. The so called "upper tank" appears to be a way to fill the actual lower tank. No word in the instructions about the drain plug being left open or closed in the "upper tank" it appeared that to fill the lower tank you pull the plug and pour the water in the top then reinsert the plug for operation. Instructions say "ice box" can be removed from the unit and be put in freezer. I'm guessing this means one of the blue bottles that comes with it can be frozen and put in the top to aid in cooling. The instructions say doors and windows must be left open to operate. Pretty sure that would defeat the chance of cooling my house when it's 106 degrees outside. The louvers must be pried open with a fingernail or ? and positioned.


The unit works well and as advertised. Remember to check and see if this unit is suitable for where you live. For high humidity regions this unit may not be your best choice. It about the science if how the unit works, it's not magic. I have it in my small office off to the side of my desk about 5 ft away. It keeps me comfortably cool on low. It works! It is NOT an air conditioning unit. It doesn't cool my entire 250 sq ft office. About half and the area I have it directed towards. It was a great deal for the size and price. Read the instructions and keep your expectations in check. This is a well designed swamp cooler that will keep you comfortable and cool when used correctly and its not difficult to set up. Its a good one!


Anyone who thinks this will replace an air conditioner is crazy. This is a fan that blows cool air and is very effective at doing that. It is easy to use and and will keep you cooler if you are in the same room.


I liked that I can either use ice cubes or ice packs which was included as a part of the unit


Helps with the A/C. I noticed it doesn't come on as much when I'm running this. I can tell a big difference whenever I add the ice to it. Might be a little much for a small room but works best in the big receiving room.


It's small and compact it really puts out cool air. It's great for our bathroom.


Really puts out COLD AIR ! That lasts a very long time, also very quiet fan.