2800 PSI Electric High Pressure Washer Cleaner 1.96 GPM 2500W

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Key Features

● Powerful Motor for Efficient Deep Clean: With a powerful motor producing a maximum pressure of 2800PSI and a flow rate of 1.96 GPM, this 2500W electric pressure washer offers the best cleaning capability to remove all dirt, grease and grime for a quick cleaning. Besides, the sturdy insulated ABS shell and UL certified plug allow you to use with confidence.
● Various Clean w/ Interchangeable Nozzles: Comes with 4 quick-connect spray nozzles(0°, 15°, 25°, 40°) , you can choose the most suitable flow to handle various cleaning tasks of different intensity for real and quick cleaning. More, it also comes with a soap dispenser with removable detergent bottles to help improve cleaning efficiency.
● Dual Protection For Users' Safety: With ETL certification, this electric pressure washer ensures safety. It comes with a safe automatic stop system that automatically shuts down the motor to protect it from overheating, thus saving energy and extending the service life of the motor. In addition, power extension cord with built-in GFIC for use on all exterior outlets brings extra security.
● Flexible Wheels and User-Friendly Handle: Featuring flexible wheels and telescoping handle, this electric pressure washer is very easy to move and carry. Long power cord and outlet pipe increase mobility and keep everything within reach while washing. Most importantly, it can use two different sources of water, either from a tap or from a bucket, which gives it a wider range of uses.
● Functional Wire Reel Device and Tiny Needle: It is worth mentioning that we provide a side wire reel for hose arrangement. A small needle for cleaning nozzle is for helping you better use. And in the back of power washer has wire reel device and nozzle storage device, which designed for better and easier use.

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Overall dimension14" x 11.5" x 22"/26"/32.5" (L x W x H)
Max. pressure2800 PSI
Max. flow1.96 GPM
Waterproof levelIPX5
Wattage2500 W
Voltage120V, 60Hz
GFCI power cord25 ft
Net weight32 lbs
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This high pressure cleaner is an ideal tool to effectively clean siding, driveways, cars, patio furniture and more.


It features powerful motor to ensure good quality. And maximum 2800 PSI and 1.96 GPM allow the washer to easily spray and scrape gravel and dirt. Equipped with 4 interchangeable nozzles and detergent tank, this pressure can efficiently remove stubborn stains on the various surface. Additionally, it is equipped with various safety systems, such as totally stop system and GFCI, to ensure the safety of users. The washer offers the option of using 2 different water sources, either from a faucet or with suction from a bucket, which giving you a wider range to work with. What's more, with this power pressure washer allows you to clean every nook and cranny efficiently.


If you are looking for it, don't hesitate o buy it!


  • Totally stop system for save energy and prolong washer service time
  • Power cord with GFCI ensures users' safety
  • Offer the option of using 2 different water sources
  • 4 Interchangeable Nozzles and removable detergent tank are provided
  • IPX5 waterproof allows you to use with confidence.
  • Durable ABS shell ,durable and sturdy
  • Comfortable handle for easy carrying
  • Side wire reel is designed for keep the power cord neat
  • 2800PSI /1.96GPM for fast and better cleaning
  • Small needle to clear the nozzle simply
  • Easy to connect and use
  • Super compact for easy use and storage


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  • M

    Pressure washer


    This pressure washer is a light duty machine and perfect for cleaning small jobs like sidewalks and steps around your home. It has a small footprint and easy to use for anyone, especially women or smaller people. However it does a powerful cleaning job. The instructions on how to assemble were not detailed enough for me at first, but I quickly realized that everything fits together only one way. So you cannot mess up. The step by step instructions on how to use and operate the pressure washer are very easy to follow even if you never touched a pressure washer in your lifetime.


  • Q:
    Why the the unit stopped working after 15 min of using?
    This is a trip due to overheat protection, and it needs to cool down for more than half an hour before the product can be used again.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Why the original high price vs. the present price? Has this product been shown to be unreliable and that is the reason for the great reduction in price? Where was it built?
    The prices is related to many factors, such as cost, activities in the website, etc.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    I get the impression no one is really looking at this. Tell me if I'm wrong.
    Sorry for the latereply, We have answered your questions.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What is the length and inside diameter of the high pressure hose? Is it equipped with quick connects at both ends?
    The length is 26.24' the diameter is 0.236“,A section of the high pressure pipe is directly connected to the butt of the gun, and the other end is threaded to the outlet of the pump..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What type of motor is used? Induction? or universal? If universal, s it brushless?
    It is carbon brush series motor and it is AC.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    What is the amperage rating on the motor? What is the delivery pressure at 1.96 GPM? At what flow is it still capable of 2800 psi, and with what included nozzles does it work at 2800 psi?
    1 it is 12.8A 2 The pressere is 3bar 3 the flow is almost 0.
    Costway representative

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