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2000W Heavy Duty Multi-purpose Steam Cleaner Mop with Detachable Handheld Unit

This is the reliable steam cleaner with high efficiency and deep cleaning, which can provide you with a comprehensive cleaning solution.

Overall Rating:
18 Reviews
Item No: 74062813
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Key Features

● Efficient and Chemical-Free Cleaning: The 2000W steam cleaner features a high steam temperature up to 226 degrees F for deep cleaning and disinfection without any harsh chemicals. Besides, the work pressure of the steam up to 4 bar, so it can easily remove all kinds of dirt on various surfaces and making the room cleaner.
● Uninterrupted Cleaning and Large Tank: The steam mop needs pre-heating 5 to 6 minutes before using. And with 1.5 L (51oz)water tank, the steam cleaner can work for 30 to 45 minutes according to the steam rate. Besides the red LED will light when there is a water shortage. Additionally, it comes with an uninterrupted steam release function for easy use without trigger the steam all the time.
● Automatic Power Off and Child safety Lock: The steam cleaner with a built-in child safety lock which is designed to protect children or pets from accidental injury. Besides, with a high sensitivity temperature control system, If steam pressure in the boiler is too high, it will be released directly. The green light indicates a pressure of up to 8.8lbs.
● 19 Versatile Accessories Included: The steam cleaner includes 19 different accessories such as a glove, measuring cup, two extension tubes, an ironing brush, glass brushing for performing cleaning activity as per requirements. It can perfectly clean different surfaces and widely used in cars, offices, and homes.
● Considerate and Convenient Design: Features flexible wheels, the steam cleaner is very easy to manoeuvre and lift. An extra-long 10ft power cord and 2 extension tubes increase mobility and keep everything within reach while cleaning. And the cord reel and the small accessories storage device keep everything in order, Which is perfect for cleaning laminate, hardwood, tiles and carpet.


    -Efficient steam cleaner with deep action and disinfection without the use of harsh chemicals

    -A large 1.5L tank provides continuous steam for up to 30-45 minutes

    -The adjustable steam mode can meet your specific needs in different scenarios

    -Child lock is provided to keep children and pets safe

    -19 versatile accessories for different cleaning surfaces

    -Automatically power off after the water is dried

    -Automatically power off when overheating

    -Automatically released when steam pressure in the boiler is too high

    -Durable and super thick aluminum boiler for a long span of life

    -10ft power cord and 2 alternative extension steam tubes provide a wider cleaning range

    -The plug is UL certified

    -2 LED lights remind you of water shortage or high-pressure steam state

    -Two temperature controls to prevent the machine from burning out

    -The cord reel and the small accessories storage device keep everything in order

    • Color: Blue/Red/Purple
    • Material: ABS
    • Net weight: 11 lbs
    • Product dimensions: : 10" (L) x 17" (W) x 10" (H)
    • Voltage: 120V /60HZ
    • Power: 2000 W
    • Tank capacity: 1.5L/ 51oz
    • Pressure: 4.0 Bar
    • Power cord: 10 ft
    • Tension tubes: 20"
    • Max steam temperature: 226℉
    • Heating time: 5-6 min (approx)
    • Continuous steam time: up to 45 min
    • Package includes:
    • 1 x Steam cleaner
    • 2 x Tension tubes
    • 1 x Glove
    • 1 x Ironing brush
    • 1 x Big nozzle
    • 1 x floor brush
    • 1 x Carpet glider
    • 1 x Glass brush
    • 1 x Measuring cup
    • 1 x Cord rewinder
    • 1 x Hanger
    • 1 x Round brush(Stainless)
    • 5 x Round brush(Nylon)
    • 1 x Towel of floor brush
    • 1 x Ironing towel
    • 1 x Instructions
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


Reviews led me to this machine.... Having it has easily supported the purchase.... This is a great machine, pressure builds up quick, steams for a good while (1.5 litre) which lasted 25 minutes on highest power and still didn't cause the red 'low level' light to come on. This is a fantastic steam cleaner.


So far so good! I’m impressed!! Just got it today and have used it once. That being said, it got some gunk up that I’ve been trying to get for quite a while now. So, it’s already made itself worth getting. I’ll update if anything changes, but I really like it so far.


I love it!


Good household cleaner with lots of handy cleaning attachments.


This steam cleaner works wonders!! It cleans so well it’s not even funny!! I love it. Well worth the money.


This steam cleaner works wonders!! It cleans so well it’s not even funny!! I love it. Well worth the money.


Does not get hot enough


keeps on working


I’m hooked! It’s powerful and comes with cool, useful, easy to use attachments. Cleaning tiles, windows, spot stains out of carpets — the list is endless! Follow directions and you’ll be golden.


No encuentro accesorios por separado


Mucho me agradó por qué para mí es menos pesado limpiar.


Order came on time and new but none of the attachment pieces fit- a manufacturing error, so beware and verify when arrives to get the refund.


Best steamer I ever purchased! Carpet, floors, curtains, beds, door handles, you name it; it works. Heats quickly and stays hot for 2 full bedrooms. Super easy to maneuver. Only slight negative, the cord could be longer, but it’s durable.


This is,an excellent steam cleaner! I would recommend this over the lower priced ($30 to $40) range cleaners and the high priced ones that cost a few hundred dollars. This steam cleaner has a large container so it creates steam for more than 45 minutes. The steam is very hot and powerful so it makes cleaning a snap. I especially loved the metal scrub brushes- they got rid of all the sticky stuff on my kitchen gas hood (that no chemical cleaner could even budge) and the tile floor. I hope they sell those as extras. I love everything about this little machine and not to mention that it is safe, effective, efficient and performs better than any chemical cleaner. Also saves a lit of time, money and manpower and makes everything smell super clean. Last but not least it cleans everything well - windows, stainless steel appliances, tile, ceramic, shower, toilets and bathtubs.


This multi-purpose steam cleaner has changed the way I will clean forever. The mopping feature alone makes this device well-worth the money. I like that it is only a wash cloth that attaches to the mop head because it’s easily reusable and replaceable. It locks in securely and I have had no issues with that feature. The other attachments are just as neat. The grout brush was successful in removing years of built up dirt and grime. The tank is large so one tank can clean all of the general areas I need for the kitchen and bathrooms. I also like that I am just using water and don’t have to worry about exposing my pet or children to any harmful chemicals. The entire system is small and lightweight so it’s easy to maneuver throughout the house. I also like that it has a piece to wrap the cord onto and since it doesn’t take up much space, it is very easy to store.


I wanted to try out a good steamer, but didn't want to shell out the cash. The steamer works as it should. Great for deep cleaning/spot cleaning/disinfecting. Wish it came with more attachments because I want to use it to clean everything!! Floor mop attachment was okay, it could be smoother but could be remedied by changing the cloth. It's a plus that you don't need a specific cloth or pad for the mop head.


I really like this steam cleaner. The best part is the size of the water tank. Because it is large you do not have to stop and refill it all the time. The accessories are good and it cleans very well. I’m glad I purchased it.


Small and easy to use good price


This steam cleaner can kill just about everything! It need to be preheated sevea minutes and then Super-heated steam is ready to kill up to 99.99% of germs and helps get rid of stains without the use of harsh chemicals keeping my kids from any harm. When I use it I can rest assure it naturally deep cleans without the use of harsh chemicals. It has good results using hot and pressured steam to clean various surfaces in my home including ceramic tile, sealed wood flooring and some laminate.Also, I like that the steam cleaner has extra stem.pieces to reach higher areas. All I have to do is just install the attachment I need and it can clean my whole house including my furniture. It comes with several multifunctional scrubbing tools. I know the hot steam sanitizes and cleans stains at the same time without taking too much time to setup which is good to know. The steamer holds 51oz of water and can work for 30 to 45 minutes before needing to be refilled.Ultimately, it is a great way to keep not only my floor clean and sanitized but just about every other surface in my home!


perhaps a water level indicator would be helpful


World good


Needs a longer Cord but other than that excellent machine worth every penny


 This steamer is good choice for moderate size cleaning jobs around home.Very impressed with this steamer and its power. This steamer does a fabulous job on everything from top to bottom.I also like the lightweight of the machine and the roller wheels . The color is amazing too.Great steamer!


Works great!


This is a very versatile steam is very easy to operate just add the right amount of water and plug it in and it works very quickly.and it is lightweight so is very convenience for me to move upstairs or downstairs.last time I used to mop the wooden floor.the steam came out very rich and easy to clean.and not to use a lot of effort.


Love it! Cleans amazingly!


This steam cleaner had lots of uses, I’ve used it to clean tons of places I’ve never thought to clean. It gets gains out really easily, and the variety of heads can handle lots of places. The water also lasts for a long amount of time, and it heats up quickly, so you won’t have to wait very long before using it. This is so much better than a regular vacuum, it cleans better, is easier to assemble, and it can do lots of things a vacuum can’t.


Love!!!! Made dog urine smell disappear, could not be happier


Shipped quickly, I am very happy after opening it, it is exquisite workmanship and easy to install! I used it to clean the bathroom, the effect is very obvious, the bathroom is clean and tidy, very good product!


I bought this a few weeks back after looking for a steamer for a few days online and I am glad I decided on this one! Great features and I love all of the accessories! Setting it up was a quick and easy process. I tried the steam cleaner on our hardwood floors first. It was so quiet, light weight and easy to maneuver. The steamer is so light weight, I can carry it upstairs with no effort. It is extremely portable and very easy to use!


I had both shoulders replaced. I got this so I would not have to pick up.


If you get this tool, you'll be on your own in figuring out how to assemble and use it. There are no instructions on how the parts fit together, and I had to go to the product description online to figure out which tool to use on what kind of surface. I purchased it because I had some deep juice stains on a carpet, and scrubbing the strains with Resolve did not get them out. But the combination of Resolve and the steam cleaner lifted the stains out. It would be helpful if the manufacturer or distributor of the tool got someone who is a native English speaker to rewrite the manual. Here is an example of what's there now: "If green light show at the first time, means steam is ready. Normally it need 5-6 minuets [sic]. The final time depends on how many water your filled." Not every tool invites you to dance with it!


Mopping the floor is key. My wife is satisfied


Good product


Incredibly stunned by the quality of cleaning this machine does. I purchased this to remove stains from a heavily used sectional, pet stains, odor and normal wear and tear. The instructions were easy to follow from set up, and use start to finish. It came with a small bottle of professional cleaning solution to be added into the water. It was able to penetrate the stains, remove them, and leave a fresh smell. The machine itself is relatively light weight which made it easy to move from one spot to another. Other reviews mention problems with the hose, I cannot comment on that since I just received it and this was it's first use. All I can say is for the money it did a great job. For the price of having a company shampoo my furniture, I bought a spot clean stain remover which I am very much so impressed with. The job it did and the multiple uses it will provide within my home made it wdll worth the money.


When my steamer was delivered, my plan was to open it to make sure all the parts were there before I actually used it over the weekend. However, I decided to try it out since I had it out. I was holding the attitude to try to buy a home. After use, it feels really good - easy to operate; clean carpet; floor; tile works well. And I was so pleased with it that I cleaned all the surfaces in that same evening. I would definitely recommend this item to family and friends--can't wait to try it on my stove this weekend.


Needed this product to sanitize rugs and hard word floors. I have dogs and kids the trape through lots of shoes with dirt and grime and I need peace of mind that the floors are really clean. The temperature of the steam alone satisfies this requirement.