12000 BTU Electric Portable Air Cooler Dehumidifier Cool Fan for Home

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Key Features

● 24-hour Timer Function: This electric portable air cooler features a 24-hour timer function allowing you to simply press the "Timer" button to set an automatic shutdown time while the unit is running. After the set time has elapsed, the air conditioner will turn on automatically. With this function, you never have to worry about wasting electricity or catching a cold from unwanted usage.
● Dual Drainage Ports: Our portable air conditioner has two drainage ports - an upper drainage port and a lower drainage port. You choose between either manual drainage or continuous drainage. Manual drainage is the preferred option as this premium timed air conditioner is designed with a highly efficient self-evaporative system, meaning you do less.
● Quick Cool Down: The air conditioner’s cooling capacity is rated for 12000 BTUs, capable of rapid cooling to meet your temperature needs exactly when you need them. Even more impressive, the new environmentally friendly refrigerant R410a not only provides an efficient cooling effect, its eco-friendly and easy on the ozone.
● Manually Adjustable Blinds: Both horizontal and vertical blinds can be manually adjusted to improve cooling performance and direction. You can adjust the direction of the quickly cooled air according to your needs. With the unit's wide-angle air supply, you can place our mobile air conditioner in any corner of a room and feel the cool, tranquil breeze.
● Multiple Protection Functions: Our electric portable cooler supports an anti-freeze protection function, a water-level safety alarm, a shut–off protection function, and a delay protection function for the compressor. With our mobile air conditioner, never worry about security issues.

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Suggested window width22.5-42"
Overall dimension12" x 29" x 13.5"
Exhaust pipe length59''
Drainage length118''
AC cooling rate (BTU/Hr)12000
Rated input1250 W
Refrigerant typeR410a
Power supply115 V, 60 HZ
Net weight56 lbs
NPF low/high wind decibel52/56 dB
AC coverage area (Sq. Ft.)400
ModeCool/ Fan/ Dehumidification/ Sleep Mode
Timing time1-24 Hours
Temperature setting range17-30℃(62-86℉)
Fuse specificationsφ3.6 x 10 mm 3.15 A 250 V
Remote controlYes
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If you want to feel cool anytime, This portable mobile air conditioner is good for you.


You don't need to worry that it will hurt the environment. With R410a, a new refrigerant, the air conditioners not only have a good cooling effect but also do not destroy the ozone layer. The 24-hour timer function can reduce energy waste and prevent colds from being removed for a long time. You can manually adjust the vertical and horizontal blinds according to your needs. The features of 3-minute re-start delay protection to compressor and multiple protection ensure the great durability and safety


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  • 3-minute re-start delay protection to compressor and multiple protection functions
  • Both horizontal and vertical louvers can be manually adjusted
  • 24-hour Timer function, unique on/off reminding music
  • Use R410a new refrigerant to protect the environment
  • Integrated design of the humanized handle and remote control compartment
  • Simple LED control panel, more visualized
  • Universal plug fixing holes can well protect the power cord
  • The high position of exhaust air outlet, easy assembly, and exhaust venting quickly
  • Unique exhaust hose and fasteners, convenient installation


9 Reviews

Frequent Mentions

  • C

    works as stated


    works well cools room quickly, less noise than my last window unit with much more air flow

  • S

    Heat Wave Be GONE!


    I love this thing! It works so well and so quickly!

  • C

    Love it


    So much better then a window unit

  • D

    Cools my garage fast!


    I bought this for my garage because in the summer its around 90-100 degrees and unfortunately our washer and dryer are out there and its also my shop. This thing cools great, my garage has 12ft ceilings and with fit a full size truck. The unit cools the entire garage and I can feel the difference walking in and out. Luckily there is a vent that goes out to the crawl space so I exhausted it out that way, works great! The only issue I have is the fan still runs even if the compressor is off and the temp is at set level. I wish the unit would power off at set temp like a HVAC unit. It would probably work on a thermostat adapter for a heating mat or AC controller. Glad I bought it all in all!

  • A

    Very nice


    I like that it is portable, easy to use & works well


  • Q:
    Why it keeps switching between cooler and fan when it's supposed to be cooling?
    this is a temperature control system, it will stop cooling when the temperature is reached..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    Water-full indicator lights
    Drain the water and re-start the unit..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    LED displays error code “E1”
    Check the tube temperature sensor and related circuits..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    LED displays error code “E2”
    Check the room temperature sensor and related circuits..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    LED displays error code “E4”
    Restore the functions automatically once anti-freeze protection is over..
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    How to switch the temperature display?
    Press and hold the + and-buttons on the remote control at the same time to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    we purchased May 5, 2021. everything was cooling very well then July 1 it stopped cooling. it will not cool below 74...not quite 2 months and its not cooling. have clean filters and drained water several times. don't know what to do.
  • Q:
    Is there a hose and supplies that allows you to drain the water to the outside? If so does the unit need to be elevated to drain properly
    This one has a drain.
    Costway representative
  • Q:
    My remote is broken. I need another one. What do I have to do? I haven't had the unit very long, just bought in the Spring for this season. I have no idea why the remote doesn't work, I've changed the batteries with known good ones 4 x. Also, I have the drain set to continuous drain and up until now I've had to empty my gallon jug every other day or so. Now it does not produce any water at all and I don't know why. Peter Brodell 8/17/20
  • Q:
    Last year I bought your 10,000 BTU portable air conditioner. It works great and I never had to drain it. It was a little small for the room I had it in so it couldnt cool down the room enough on really hot and humid days. So this week I purchased your 12,000 BTU unit. It cools the room fine, but I need to drain it manually every 2 hours. I installed it properly and put it in the exact same spot as the older one. Both models have the self evaporative system. So why did I never have to manually drain the old one but this one needs to be drained every 2 hours? I think its defective. Its not worth it if my unit shuts off because the drain is full while I sleep and then the room gets hot. I cant hook up the continuous drain hose because as per your instructions, it says to ensure enough water to recycle in the unit to cool condenser, it is not suggested to use continuous drain. Please help. Thanks
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