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  • 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
  • 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
  • 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
  • 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
  • 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
  • 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
  • 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
  • 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
  • 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
  • 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
  • 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
  • 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier
8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier

8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier

This air cooler has 3 modes which can cool, dehumidifies, and circulates air to stand up to summer heat, giving you immediate and uninterrupted comfort.

Overall Rating:
131 Reviews
Item No: 31256079

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Key Features
  • Efficient & Energy Saving Cooling: With 8,000 BTU cooling power, the cold airdelivers fast, effective cooling for spaces up to230+ sq. ft. The air cooler can cool, dry and purify the air around you. It contains no freon, much cheaper and safer than a freon air conditioner. It has low energy consumption to decrease your electricity cost and it’s completely fit for our low-carbon lifestyle.
  • Multifunctional Modes & 2 Adjustable Speeds: This portable air conditioner provides cooling, dehumidifying, fanning and sleeping mode to meet various needs of users. It is designed with 2 optional speeds, which can be adjusted (low / high) freely according to your needs. And the wind outlet blades can be adjusted vertically and horizontallyif you need for various occasions.
  • Timer Function & Quiet Operation: Designed with 24-hour programmable timing function, you can enjoy working, reading or sleeping without catching cold. The temperature can be adjusted from 62 to 86℉, meeting all your needs. Sleep mode ensures super quiet operation withlow noise (56db), offering you a peaceful and comfy sleep all night with suitable temperature.
  • Washable Air Filter & Easy Operation: Keep air clean and your portable AC running efficiently with the included removable & washable filter. The indicator light will remind you to regularly clean the air filter. Digital LED display offers precise temperature adjustments and the remote control lets you control the air conditioner from across the room.
  • Portable& Space-saving Design: Featuring a sleek, handy, rectangular body design, this compact air conditioner fits well in any limited space, saving much floor space. The all-direction casters and built-in handle allow you to roll the air cooler freely to from room to room, suitable for living room, office, bedroom, dorm, etc.

    This air cooler has 3 modes which can cool, dehumidifies, and circulates air to stand up to summer heat, giving you immediate and uninterrupted comfort.


    There are 2 different speed fan modes for options between low/high mode as you need. Its programmable cooling setting features a 24-hr programmable timer so that you can easily set to help save energy by turning the unit on and off automatically, so you don't have to worry to forget turning off. This air conditioner is designed with a water-full control and warning, keeping your floor or carpet from getting wet. Its sleek ultra-compact design fits nicely in small space. And flexible casters and built-in handle are convenient for storage and transportation. With stylish outlook and practical use, this air cooler is ideal for home, bedroom, office, library, etc.
    Notice: Regularly cleaning the washable filter and your machine will work efficiently and can help prevent air quality issues.


    If you are looking for this product, don't hesitate to place an order!


    • With 8,000 BTU cooling power, the cold air can cover a room of up to 230 sq. ft
    • Multifunctional modes including cool, dehumidifier, fan to efficient cool down hot air
    • Do not contain any hazardous liquids like Freon, which is safe for children and pets
    • Quiet performance let you enjoy a comfortable sleep at a suitable temperature
    • Manual up-down to adjust blowing direction and create a personal cooling zone
    • Timing function allows you to choose the suitable one to enjoy your sleeping or working
    • Filter dust, dander and hair from entering the unit to extend service life and protect health
    • Easy-to-read large digital LED display control panel offers all access settings
    • Full function remote control lets you control the air from conditioner your couch or bed
    • Dehumidifier function makes your home less hospitable to allergens such as dust mites, mildew
    • Color: White
    • Cooling capacity: 10000 BTU
    • Refrigerant / Charge: R410A / 13.4 oz
    • Power supply: 110 V - 120 V / 60 Hz
    • Rated input: 1120 W
    • Rated current: 10.0 A
    • Low side pressure: 250 psi
    • High side pressure: 580 psi
    • Air flow: 380 m³/H
    • AC coverage area (sq. ft.): 161
    • Noise: 56 dB
    • Temperature setting range: 62°F to 86 °F
    • Filter type: Washable
    • Exhaust hose: Single
    • Length of exhaust hose: 11"- 5'
    • Remote control: Yes
    • Dimension: 12" x 13" x 24.5" (L x W x H)
    • Product weight: 46 lbs
    • Package includes: 1 x portable AC, 1 x remote control, 1 x exhaust hose, 1 x window seal-plate
Use & Care Manual PDF
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


I don't understand what the bad reviews are on this portable AC I absolutely love it it cools fantastic as far as the noise it's no louder than a window AC and I like it I'd like to have something to block out other noise it rates right up there with one of my top purchases it was missing the remote control with it I got a hold of the seller and they shipped it right away I already have it


I live in Florida and had long been in search of a decent non-window ac unit to use during the Summer or Hurricane Seasons when power is often out.This has been a great solution, my husband and I use it to cool our two bedrooms/bathroom at the back of the house and it keeps all of them in a good climate. Generally we only need it one for a few hours using the AC function and can leave it on fan for much longer just to keep the room cool. At night it overachieves and the power saving function turns it off automatically within a few degrees of the room which is lovely.It's not very loud, though it does make about the same amount of noise as a standing fan might. Took our cats a while to get used to the hum. The self-evaporating feature is great, despite living in one of the most humid parts of the country this unit only need to be emptied every couple of weeks and this is even after consistent rain and heavy humidity weather.Overall, great product, we invested in the longest warranty and hopefully through good maintenance it lasts a long time. But on that, it's very easy to clean and empty the water tank. Just lift it up and prop it on a box to drain into a small, wide tray. Just make sure to lift from the bottom, base of the unit, as it seems sturdier from this end.Appearance wise, it's also very cute and matches next to my white desk very nicely.


Great company to deal with I ordered this they told me a delivery would be the end of August I asked them if they can get it here as soon as possible because my daughter was sick and she needed air-conditioning It was delivered within a week I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this I will be ordering again once again thank you so very muchRon


This is by far, the best air conditioner I've ever owned in my thirty years of adulthood. It's quiet, it cools way more than I anticipated, and it's the perfect volume, noise-wise.


Works well!


I live this product. My friend recommended this and it is awesome.thank you very much


cools down a master bedroom like nobody's business!


Wow. This little guy puts out great ac. I use it in my she-shed / workout space and it is amazing. I like the ac mode, the fan only mode, and it has not negatively impacted my electric bill. Fantastic product! 10 stars


Perfect solution for my 300 sq foot laundry room. Arrives heavy at 50 lbs but once you have it out of the box it’s quite portable. Plug it in and adjust settings for desired use such as dehumidify or air conditioning. Temp on A.C. can go as low as the 60’s to keep comfy in hot summer months.


Louder than I would like it to be. Easy to move. I have only used the air conditioning so far but cools room nicely.


I changed my review to they worked with me so they get a 5 I found a way to make it work without a window


It only took me 7 minutes to complete the installation! It's a lot simpler than the air conditioner that needs to be hung on the window! Its sound did not disappoint me! Much smaller than the previous window air conditioner! This is the main reason why I bought it. In the middle of the night, I was often awakened by the sound of air conditioning! My favorite indoor temperature is 72 degrees! It can quickly reduce my small room to the temperature I like! I originally wanted to return it, because this product actually reduced its price after I bought it! But this product makes me very satisfied! And it's still very hot!


Works great but the hose is very hard to lock into the window piece and we have to be easy when moving it so it doesn't fall out or it takes us forever to put it back in. Very frustrating when its hot out and you want relief. Other than that it cools the rooms down fast!


we love this item. wish we would of bought sooner, but we did not have the right window for the tubbing so my husband thought. past summers we used seven fans in our bedroom. now just two. i highly recommend it. thinking about getting one for the living room.


Works great.


I received this yesterday, and I am impressed with this unit. I have had several portable air conditioners from other well known brands, and this one is better. Puts out little water (and I am in Florida), and is pretty quiet.


Perfect for hot times like summer not that heavy. Wheel on bottom. Comes with remote control. Feels so cold n freezing with it on. Love it


Works perfectly!! Easy to use and install!!


Air conditioner really works great and has been really a good purchase, received it earlier than expected and I very good condition seem really good A++


I've been using this air conditioner for about a week now. So far, it's great! I'm very happy about this purchase. It was easy to remove from the box & easy to set up. I also like how you can direct the air up, down, left and right. A lot of others I've seen just have a vent on top of the machine. The remote is a nice bonus too. I'm using it in a small apartment to cool the living room, but the cool air even reaches the kitchen area.


This air conditioning unit installed very easily. Of course I used the Plastic cut out from my previous air conditioner. Thankfully the hose fit perfectly into it. The temperature control, set it 75, really cooled down the room. It is a 550 square-foot room, and this little unit really put out the cool air. I was very impressed! I have not tried this brand of before, but Hopefully it will last!


If you wanna Stay cool in the Heat I Definitely recommend this Portable AC it's easy to use and I have not had to use a Drain hose on it


Bought for our upstairs for summer here in KY (90-100+ degrees) . It keeps 2 large bedrooms, a hallway & a stairwell cool. [Previously only had fans upstairs & it was very hot]


I think this item is great, well worth the money. It works really well. And shipping was super fast it arrived almost a week before the date amazon told me !


Works great in the master bedroom.Sometimes it gets really cold and needs adjustment to the temperature. Very pleased.


At beginning I thought it is not working as described but when I know how to set up it properly, it works amazing. With 10k BTU (it says good for 350sqft) my room is 290sqft which rebuilt from garage and you know how hot the garage is, now the room like in winter season although summer outside. It could take the temperature go down 65F quickly (but I suggest you should let it be 70F, it is cool and save energy). It has 3 speeds of the fan, the noise is not too loud when turn highest speed, and very quite when you choose lowest speed. I usually on lowest speed combine with suitable temperature, it so great. I like the built-in purifier function, it make the fresh air come out. With the wheels and light weight it is ideal to move room to room in case of saving energy when the house is not full fill people. With remote control you can also set up time on/off, very convenient. The exhaust hose can be extend easily by buying hose in homedepot. High quality plastic cover, sturdy frame. Everything is good now, well built with reasonable price portable air conditioner. Now I use the tool to watch electricity it consumes, I will let you know the average energy saving for montly.


I recently purchased this portable A/C unit in preparation for the unbeatable heat of the Texas Summer, So far it works like a charm , I really enjoy all the cool features this A/C has to offer ,My wife usually the person that gets frustrated with tech ,but even this ac unit is easy for her to control which is awesome.It gets cool in my bedroom within 10 minutes, and it’s not as loud as other ac unit, I really loved the timer feature where it turns off itself , because in fact , we all forget to turn things off after a while .It is unique look is also a great touch , very valuable.


Love this AC! Great for one room cooling. Remote is so convenient.


Easy to install, easy to use, not noisy at all very satisfied with purchase


The best product


This product is working well for us - we use it in our RV.


Bought it for my daughter she says it works excellent!!


This was hands down the best Air unit I have bought over the years. I am a student who needed some AIR in my small apartment. The AC had gone out on a hot humid day. My service dog and I had no help fixing it.I researched all units online, made my decision to go with your product. It arrived on time, intact and very easy to put together. I am sure this product will last me throughout my move and beyond to Nursing school.RespectfullyKatherine and "Tiny"


Works really well!




Easy to install and works great. I recommend it and it looks nice too


Controls are intuitive. Nice product.


Oh dear god its glorious


It works great!


Cool cool cool


I like this AC unit because I can move it room to room and it is inside and doesn't get dirty like outside AC units that get crud all over it.


We bought 3 units. All worked well for about 2 months. Then one of the units started to fill up with water. Due to location of the drain hole you have to mount the unit on top of something to get it to drain continuously. So we let it fill and wheeled it outside to drain. At first it was every couple days it filled then more frequently till it was 5-10 min max in between emptying. It was outside the 30 day return through amazon and we had gotten rid of the original box. We contacted amazon who contacted the seller who got back to us within 48 hours. After several back and forth emails it was made clear to the seller the drain hose was not an option for this unit. The customer service kindly sent a paid return slip and refunded our money. When we told them we did not have the original box they said to keep the unit. We paid $30 to have UPS package it and sent it back before we got the email saying to keep it. I think we would have returned it regardless since it did cool but filled too quickly.The other two units we have had running constantly for 3 months. Have never drained them. They run great. The temperature you set the unit to is the temp coming out of the unit. It is NOT temperature controlled. That was a learning curve but we quickly figured it out. The remotes are interchangeable and work with any unit. When the power goes off the unit auto turns on to dehumidifier mode which is an issue but as long as you know it you can adjust it and avoid draining the unit at 3am. More quiet than my 8 inch fan. Definitely worth the money regardless of small hiccups.


awesome ac


It's a really good AC unit, but it does take a while to cool off a larger room. Works just fine in a small bedroom but I'd recommend something larger for a living room. Otherwise it's really nice and easy to put in.


Nice air conditioner cools off a 560 square foot home


I love the portable air conditioner. It’s a great buy. I bought it for the open office upstairs it did great there. I decided to put it a small bed room instead. And I’m buying 2 more because my house is vaulted and the heat rises to the top. And this unit is great for that. It will cool down a room within a few hours.


Works perfect! I have no issues with this product! Cools my room down! Would order again!


works great cools off room


This AC takes little time to install and gives comfortable cooling to my entire room. Easy to clean as well.


I bought this unit for my bedroom as my apartment only has one wall unit in the main living area that doesn't reach around to my bedroom to cool it down. A window unit would not work in my bedroom because my windows open sideways, not up, and the opening is too small for a window unit. I installed this unit and it has been working like a charm. My bedroom is usually cooler than the main living area now! On super hot days, it does struggle to keep the temperature below 70 but it is still very comfortable.


the size,sound level,installation,and ability to cool an living and dinning area is very good


Wife installed it's in the garage and it works great garage is 440 square feet seems to cool it down and also has insulation just take a couple of hours to get the heat out of the garage something I learned about portable ACs is they have two fans one that pushes air into the garage and one that pulls air out of the garage so then you do have also have suction going out so if you have a lot of holes than you have dust coming in your garage


Like most things, you either like em" or not.This is why i felt compelled to write a small review.My older window unit took a dive, and I needed something that would fit my specification.This unit fit them all!!!!Its small, easy to install, lightweight, not to loud, and cools my large living room, or bedroom.I'm looking to purchase another one for the office / room.


3 months, still working with no issues...


Working as described.


Only recommendation is perhaps provide exhaust duct with insulation


Perfect for our living room


I have not had this long enough for a great review, however, so far so good. Seems to work well. However, installation was a pain, but I think that goes for any a/c unit.


Very compact and easy to use. It is quite efficient and the drain output seems to be low which is good because it doesn’t have a removable pan. But even without the removable pan it is easy to drain and you rarely have to. It can easily cool a medium sized room quickly. It’s a great value and easy to use. I am very satisfied with it.


Love it


Very happy with this product! Works great and cools down a room pretty quickly. Super easy to install and use!


Cools off our 16 x17 foot room quickly.


This product is an awesome product. It cooled my 320 foot camper in less than thirty minutes. I use an overhead fan to help circulate the air and it is so awesome. It is also a quiet unit. The price is not too bad either. I am not sure about the water tank just yet because I have not run it that long. I am pleased.


Works great! Had a little trouble installing it into our window but once we did it was great. Cools down our living room really fast.


It’s so hot these days, finally I got my AC, it works so good, cool down so quick, so like it.


I had no clue that the unit needed a drain hose. The ad talked about a bucket that gathered the water. I thought one could remove the bucket and dump it. Now i need to buy a drain hose and a bucket to drain the gathered water into. I'm not at all happy right now.


Very pleased with purchase! Makes room very cold, petty quiet. The drainage is sparse. Bigger than I expected but the parts to fit in window fit nicely and snug.


Good cooling, a little noisy but manageable.


This thing is awesome. It saved us from burning up in 109 degree weather. Granted, it's not strong enough to cool down a whole living room, but it keeps you very comfortable and cool at nights so you have an easier time sleeping.


The unit was small in size but big in performance. I use it in a video production trailer and it handles the heat better than the previous unit installed


It works well


Cool our trailer


Love this ac HAS TEMPERATURES CONTROL n u dont have to keep empty the water that much but when its full of water in the ac move it slowly to not spill the water in side the ac unit it will ruin it There are 4 Filters that have to be cleaned they look like there's only 2 but there is 4 in if you don't clean him they will clog up the unit


Hi The unit is a great price Similar item is 150$ higher. The unit is noisy when fan Speed is set on high!!


So, my apartments a/c has gone out literally for the 13th time.It's an issue for them once your apartment exceeds 86°.I bought this portable a/c on the 12th time and it arrives just in, because now I am on the 13th time.Should my apartment complex just fix the issue- YES! Do they, No!I will not be signing another lease, but why suffer while they drag this on?Also, if the guide is correct, running this in my room should be cheaper than keeping the whole place at a cool 70°. Especially at night.I am going g to be sleeping well tonight.With the remote, if it gets too cold, I dont even have to get up!Perfect!


Long time buyer, first time reviewer.I live in NYC and have been through the 'entry-level' gauntlet of air-conditioners. Now that I'm a bit older, I'm looking for something that perfectly cools the room but doesn't cost a fortune.I did a bunch of research and am happy with this unit. I have a bigger loft space (800 sq. feet), with leaky windows, so I usually have to leave it running at 70º all night when I'm sleeping. During the daytime, during direct sunlight (waddup), I also have to do the same. I probably could've splurged for 12000 or 15000 BTU, but aint nobody got time for that.All in all, this thing will succ the outside air, cool it down, and pump it into your preferred space.Best part is you can store it in your closet in the winter/fall/spring so you aren't completely wasting a window with an ugly air conditioner 2/3 of the year.


Loving it it cools my room 15 x 25 nicely


Nice backup


I am currently living in my travel trailer until I buy a house. This is perfect for my 26 footer. I am living on my property and not able to use the 30 amp air conditioner so this is the solution to the problem. It came with the exhaust hose which is better than most of the units have or that you have to buy for them. I bought the parts thinking I would need them but I am returning them. This is a very good deal for the money and I look forward to using it in my new home as a backup.


Used it to cool my diningroom




This product was really good for a small room


Good item, just bought this for summer, and it works fine, not as quiet as advertised, but it does ac'ed my bedroom just fine. No complains.


I rarely have to empty it which I love. I do live in Southethern California though so it’s already dry. I’ve had it for ~4 months. Lighter than my old one. No complaints


After looking around for a portable AC unit for our camper and house. I stumbled upon this chiller. I got it home and plugged it in to make sure everything worked. After getting it started up with no problem i noticed it came with a remote. So I powered that sucker up and what do you know. I can now change the temperature of the unit turn it up or down or off with out moving an inch from my seat. Granted I don't use this feature much. The other nice thing was that it doubles as a dehumidifier. Which in a pop up camper when its raining all weekend helps a ton! So is it worth the purchase? Heck yes!


After looking around for a portable AC unit for our camper and house. I stumbled upon this chiller. I got it home and plugged it in to make sure everything worked. After getting it started up with no problem i noticed it came with a remote. So I powered that sucker up and what do you know. I can now change the temperature of the unit turn it up or down or off with out moving an inch from my seat. Granted I don't use this feature much. The other nice thing was that it doubles as a dehumidifier. Which in a pop up camper when its raining all weekend helps a ton!So is it worth the purchase? Heck yes!


Awesome product!


No issues after 5 months of use. Happy with it.


this Costway compact AC is good for our small room. it is not too noisy and cool enough; it is also very good price, no complaining about this machine.


I have three of these. Can not beat the performance. Quite and blows cold. Very efficient.


I bought 2 units (3 months ago) and the units have held up great. No problems with the mechanics, but the hoses and attachments were not crafted with the same care. The company was willing to replace parts so that certainly helped.


Works perfect!


Did not cool a 12ft space had to buy window 8000 btu to offset texture.


It cools my bedroom fast. Wish it didn't have to be emptied. And wished it was quieter but otherwise it's good.


Works incredibly well!!!


I like it because it's perfect for my personal use and everything in it works well


The most important information about the installation isn’t shared.... apart from that it works great.


It's been a lifesaver! I sleep during the day for my job and used to wake up hot and uncomfortable or be unable to sleep at all. Only wish it went colder. 64 is the lowest. It's not overly loud, not much more noise than a fan on HI.


Too noisy


It's great for cooling down just the living room of an apartment. Even with a fan behind it, it doesn't quite push the air to the bedrooms




It is absolutely the BEST! It cools my bedroom plus I like the sound of the fan. It cancels out the outside noise.


Arrived safely and work well.


It’s small compact, light weight, easy to move and Man does it work, movable or adjustable vents to put air where you want it to go and it’s quit. Comes highly recommended... a must have


It works fine on our boat but still need to use fans to circulate cool air


works great so far


I have a 2 story home, during the 100 degree plus Summers we have this has kept my 20x14 room cool!


This portable AC is awesome you can't go wrong getting this for your room or office. Cost way gots what's high quality items and here's one of them it's great and it's super cool/temperature wise too, and at a really low price. Get it while it's Hot no pun intended.


The unit arrived on time. It was easy to set up. All I had to do is mount the hose to the window, plug It in and turn It on. It easily cools down my 12×12 room. For those of you who are worried about how loud it is..... its 53dB on the low fan speed, about 7-8 feet away. And its 57dB on the high fan speed, same distance away. I wish this unit can go lower than 64°F haha. Overall, im happy with the purchase.


Works great for a bedroom.


Keeps my bedroom nice and cool but it is a bit noisy.


Works well and has multiple functions.


A real lifesaver when the temp shoots up, easily moved from room to room when needs change.


Good cold unit. A little slow on the startup program buttons. But when it comes on, it's quite and cold.


Don't know if it gets as cold as it should.


keeps my room super cool! Draining it is a pain...


This works, but BOY did I have a hard time connecting the sucker to the window plate and the "circle" piece to the hose. Not that easy. Once that was done --great.


loud but does the job..


Works amazing! Only takes a few minutes to cool down my bedroom and i like the white noise it creates and the timer option


Works well to keep my moderately sized room cool. But, beware if its a really humid day, because you can be emptying the water several times in the span of just a few hours. unless it's bad in your room, keep it on 'cool' not 'dry'. besides that I like it, I had to trim the window exhaust like other people did, and again it's a little cumbersome to remove water from, but its worth it for a good price and compact size


Love love love . Just love this little beauty. Thanks again. JF


Beat my it... Im too cold in fact on a hot day or night. It portable so you can move it from window to window. I got additional pipping so i could move it from room to room or just let it stay in a hallway between rooms since i dnt like to much direct cold air. Not trying to get arthritis pain.


Hasn’t been warm enough to actually use it yet. Did a test run and played around with the settings. I’m very optimistic that this will be perfect for cooling down my apartment bedroom. It was easy to put together the vent tubing and window sealplate. Seal plate it perfect for my vertical window and fits well. My window is 46 inches from top to bottom. It seemed like it could fit an even bigger window if needed. Not sure how quickly the water collection chamber fills but it seems easy enough to drain.


Wonderful - so great
I love both the COOLING & HEATING available with this one...
Has been working great


I absolutely like this air conditioner! For the money this has been fantastic. It works perfectly for what I need it for. Very satisfied with my purchase.


Had this several months and is working great! Really cooled the room way down. Easy to use and works very well!


This is one "COOL" unit. Only issue is it actually could use one slower fan speed as both speeds will blow your hair backwards. It works great cooling two rooms 20" by 25'


Cools down a large room pretty well. Much quieter than the previous one i had though i wish the fans were a bit more powerful.


I purchased this unit for a backup in case the Arizona summer is hotter than usual like last year, and I only have a swamp cooler. However I failed to notice that the item weighs 46# alone and #55 as shipped. On a good day I can lift 15#, so returning the item I lost $30 on the shipping and $11 on the UPS pickup. So this is a heads-up: in case you want to order one, be sure you have a way to get it where you want it to be.


I am using the Costway 10,000 BTU portable a/c in a 6×8 shed (that has been converted into a grow room) to combat the heat coming from an array of grow lights.I can attest that this unit cools 48 sqft with ease.My only complaint is that the fan never shuts off, even when the unit is not actively trying to cool the room. The compressor shuts on and off via thermostat, but the fan runs constantly regardless of temperature. The reason this is a problem for me is that I have to manually turn it off every night so that it doesn't make the room colder than is necessary.


its not as loud as other units.