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100 Feet 2 Wires LED Christmas Decorative Rope Light

100 Feet 2 Wires LED Christmas Decorative Rope Light

This two-wires LED rope lights are versatile and nearly limitless uses in both residential and commercial lighting projects.
Overall Rating:
70 Reviews
Item No: 29406375

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Cool White

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Key Features

Suitable for Various Occasions: The 2 wire LED rope light comes with 360 warm white super bright LED lights inside. The useful and beautiful design makes our rope light fits all occasions. Whether you are in your home, bedroom, living room, cabinets, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, parties, and so on, this led light can add beauty to your home and other occasions.
Selected Materials and Waterproof Design: The LEDs of our rope light sit in a durable thick clear PVC tube that features bright, durable,waterproof function and protects the LEDs, also provides increased durability. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. You can use it on a variety of occasions and environments, it can serve you for a long time.
Important Things to Know: The length of our LED rope light is 100', and the LED bulbs quantity is about 11 Bulbs/ft. The power cord length is 6.56'. The tube diameter is 10.5 mm. The beam angle is 45, and the light angle is 360. The working temperature is about -20~60℃. Rated life is 50000 h. Voltage is 110 V, and power consumption is about 55 W.
Protect Eyesight: The LED rope light is driven by a DC power source to avoid eye damage caused by frequent flashes. It can protect your eyes. Even if you look at it for a long time, your eyes do not feel tingling.
Shipping and Customer Service: Ups or USPS will deliver the item to your house in 3-6 business days after you placed an order. We packed the 2 wire LED rope light as good as we can, if there is any damaged part, please contact us first and offer us pictures of the damaged part, we will solve the problem as the way you want.


    This two-wires LED rope lights are versatile and nearly limitless uses in both residential and commercial lighting projects.


    Sub-miniature bulbs encased in flexible PVC tubing enhance durability and easy to bend into shapes.Two-wires features steady burn and much less energy consumed. It is suitable for decorating or illuminating your home or business, creating figure or building sign display in many occasions such as corners, ceilings, staircases, decks, driveways, boats, galleries, clubs, parties and holidays.The rope lights for different lengths (longer or shorter) or several colors with two power cords and two power connectors!


    If you are looking for a product like this, don't hesitate to buy one!


    • Brand new and high quality
    • Suitable occasions: Home, bedroom, living room, cabinets, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, party, holidays and so on
    • The structure is simple, clear, convenient installation, cost-effective
    • Energy-saving and longer-life
    • Crystal clear PVC tubing for durable use and brighter
    • Easy to bend into any shape
    • Light healthy, no radiation, no pollution
    • Protection of eyesight, dc power drive, avoid frequent flash can cause eye damage
    • High flexibility, temperature sustainability, and UV resistance
    • Note: The joints cannot be exposed due to the power cords and power connectors are non-waterproof
    Installation guide
    • Color: Cool white, warm white
    • Material: PVC tubing and copper wire
    • Length: 100’
    • Led bulbs qty: 11 bulbs/ft
    • Power cord length: 6.56’/2 m
    • Tube diameter: Φ10.5 mm
    • Bulb orientation: Vertical
    • Beam angle: 45
    • Light angle: 360
    • Working temperature: -20~60°c
    • Rated life: 50000 h
    • Voltage: 110 v
    • Power consumption: 55 w
    • Package include:
    • 1 × Power plug with 6.6 ft power cords
    • 2 × Additional power plug
    • 4 × Middle connectors
    • 6 × End caps
    • 40 × Clips
Customer Reviews

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Customer reviews


I outlined my pool with these tube lights and the effect at night is even better than I thought it would be. The color is cool white and best of all,they are waterproof.


Bought this to light up our basement "Man Cave". Ran it around the ceiling by using wire staples and mounting to the floor joists. The fact that they provide extra power chords allowed me to trim the excess and run two separate runs of light to illuminate some other things in the basement. Unlike some rope lights, the mounting clips they provide are actually relatively sturdy and the few that I used are holding up nicely mounted to cinder block walls.


I really like this product I would buy it again


It was very easy to cut for the right length needed. They are so much brighter than the string lights I had up prior to these. They are around my front windows and really light them up. I have to keep the curtains closed when they are on because they are so bright.


Looks great when you first install. Nice and bright. After 3 months of use 8 hours each night, entire 100 foot strand begins to dim. After 6 months use, the brightness is less than 1/2 the original. After 9 months worse still. Might work great for those who want to use it only over the holiday each year, but not for daily usage. Will be ordering another manufacture that hopefully lasts the advertised 5000 hours.


Nice bright lights; just what I wanted at a good price. Good quality.


These lights are very bright!


Within 3 weeks I had an entire section burn out. So unless I replace the whole string, it’s useless


Illuminates the yard nicely. Had softer white lights before but I like these. Also definitely like the additional hardware (plugs, connectors) that came with it.


We love how they look, connected them to a disk to dawn eye controlled plug in and out takes ALL the guess work of a timer and when to turn them on.


Works well easy to set up have been working for over 1 year now and they still look good no lamps are out


I installed this under my patio deck rail. My initial impression is extremely positive. Installation is easy and instructions are just enough for the purpose. Hopefully, this will last many years to come!


Just enough to light up patio




Exactly want we needed to add light in our basement and attic.


Lights looks great. They gave extra parts if you wanted to make multi pieces. Very happy with the quality and price


These are brighter than I expected. I'm well pleased. I have them outside. They stay on 24x7 rain or shine.


Easy to install and super bright white light. I works great on my cook shed.


Hanging them could be Hard or Easy. Depends what your situation is' very bright. Have had them 2 months ,all light still work...


very good quality, fair price, quick shipping!


It was tough to cut and get connected properly again. Followed instructions but the connection was working well. I have one section that has a bad connection now. It worked great for the first few weeks but now I have about 25 feet that goes out. If I play with it, it will come on again but seems to be getting worse. I will have to try and adjust it I guess since it is around an edge. Might be bending too much but does not seem like it is.


We love how they look, connected them to a disk to dawn eye controlled plug in and out takes ALL the guess work of a timer and when to turn them on.


Love these lights. Look so amazing on our porch.


nice, bright and simple


I love how this lights up my fence in the backyard. I have purchased this at least twice to extend it all around . Great item!


The product said white light and it delivered - pleased. KM


Looking good


I put these around the pool they are outstanding


They lights are fantastic! We have been looking for something to put around our pool and I ordered these. They are bright, but not too bright! A nice touch to our outdoor area!!


like how bright they are


Love these lights. I use them to light up my deck and walk way. Plus keeps the light bill down. I reccomend highly.


Sweet deal and arrived early


Was hesitant, however after ready a few reviews u further I would give it a try.Absolutely love this product so far. It’s bright and exactly what I need in my backyard.


Bright, but not too bright! We use these under our motorhome to keep critters away (not sure lights actually help with this, but other campers swear by it!). Either way, they provide nice ambiance at our campsite.


Works great and very bright


Wonderful product


Illuminates the yard nicely. Had softer white lights before but I like these. Also definitely like the additional hardware (plugs, connectors) that came with it.


Look great


Good buy and the lights are bright.


After just over a month and little more than an hour usage over that time a section of the lights stopped working.The vendor contacted me and we have resolved the concern. It was a very pleasant experience and my concerns have been resolved.


Did the job for me


Used For a school dance. Easy to put down and pick up. Nice long continuous strip.


My mom want some LED light to decorate her store. We bought this 100 feet 2 wires LED rope lights for her. Those LED rope lights are waterproof. They all connectable if we want to buy more LED rope lights. They are working well and m mom likes it.


This came out perfect. It is terrific! We have been installing this rope light in many different applications. Under cabinet lighting, under deck lighting, tray ceiling lighting and we have yet to have complaints. We had some old rope lighting from years ago, not from here, we are really pleased with the way they look and the quality.


Delivered as promised, everything works well. Very easy to install. Highly recommend getting the dimmer, lights really enhance the beauty of our back yard. Will definitely recommend to friends and family


No directions were in boxes or screws for the holders. If you are going to sell a product make sure you include everything needed to install.


Great value and easy installation.


Love the lights.


Accent lighting


Easy installation


Super bright! Easy to work with. Light ropes I've had in the past were very stiff never hung straight.


Good lights. Installed in trees. It was a challenge installing these but the outcome is great. I changed from using high quality Christmas tree lights to these hoping that they will last longer.


Just installed and have to say that I am extremely impressed with the ease of instillation, color, and brightness of this product. I hope the durability and longevity follows suite. So far (night one) I absolutely love this product and how it has transformed my yard.


As no instructions were included it was not possible to connect each string of lights together as stated. Delivery was a day ahead of promised.


Use it for string around my camper keep the mice away


Like tbe lighting, but it is more white than gold which is what we had. But it does work and look nice.


The quality of these lights is impressive - constructed of heavy plastic, they look and perform well. Used nightly, they've been bright and worked well except for one three-foot section that has gone dark. Still, for the price, they've been worth the purchase.


Easy for design. The LED is very beautiful


Fun decorative lighting, it can really brighten up an area!


I have to give it 4 out of 5 stars due to the fact it included clips, there were no screws nor instructions in the box. The 100' strand included 2 extra plugs, connectors and end caps, and a bag of clips. Unfortunately, without knowing where to splice, the extras they went into the junk draw. One tip you might want to follow is "preload" the screws and clips together to save time mounting to the wall.


If you're weighing different brands/options of rope lights, stop your search and get this one. I bought my first one 1.5 years ago. Within a few months, part of a length went out. I contacted the seller to complain, and they kindly sent me a new one for free without argument. That replacement has been going strong with daily use (as my living room lights) for a year. We bought a second one for our deck outside recently and it continues to make us happy. They provide good luminescence and the seller is reliable.


Great product. Very bright. The wire was wound tight which made positioning a little difficult at first. Other than that, no complaints.


Great Product


I was a little concerned when I ordered these, but they came out absolutely perfect!! I would definitely get them again if needed.


I installed them and they are awesome. I’m getting some more. Keep in mind that if you cut them to have different measure, the electrical installation should go in the same direction, if you try to hook it up the other way around, it won’t work, you have to connect them in the same direction.


Works great, but after I cut it (one time) the smaller section did not work. Luckily the big section works perfectly


Very nice! Easy to run and hook up. They come w/clips and an extra plug to join more lights


Works well easy to set up have been working for over 1 year now and they still look good no lamps are out


The product installed easily, cut as per instructions included and it lights up the ceiling in my family room nicely.


These are brighter than I expected. I'm well pleased. I have them outside. They stay on 24x7 rain or shine.